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For Pizza With a Side of Patent: “Joe’s Rotisseria”

While my previous post was about a pizzeria I had never heard of, this post is all about one I couldn’t stop hearing about: “Joe’s Rotisseria”. 

This restaurant / pizzeria is located in Roselle Park, New Jersey, about an hour away from my house if I didn’t hit traffic. Needles to say I wasn’t that lucky. But it was worth the trip for that is where I finally got to meet the infamous “Triple Threat”; a Joe’s Rotisseria exclusive. 

The Triple Threat is a pizza, calzone, garlic knot combo and can be personalized with any toppings, fillings or sandwiches you can dream up. Better yet if you see one on social media that wets your appetite, all you have to do is show Joe the picture. That is what he told me as soon as we met.

I met Chef Joe Brigoni, who opened up his restaurant in 2015 as the young age of twenty-two, much the same way any one who walks into his restaurant will: with a loud and energetic hello as he stands behind the counter tossing dough into the air. 

He is not only the man behind the name, he is the man behind everything you will eat. He is front and center putting in the work and genuinely making sure his customers are getting the most out of their meal and experience. 

When I arrived it was mostly quiet. There was only one other table of customers staying into eat, while several had come and gone with their orders. 

The menu itself is quite extensive and just like the name says, there is rotisserie chicken available. I heard the members of Joe’s family, who also happen to work here, taking down orders over the phone for chicken and any side dish you can think of. There is also an array of Italian entrees, salads, and appetizers for you to choose from. When I said the menu was extensive I wasn’t exaggerating. 

But despite all of the foods that sounded amazing, I knew precisely why I was there. I had come for the Margherita Triple Threat Pizza. 

After I ordered I had the opportunity to chat with Joe a bit (we even got to take a pic together) and he informed me that the Triple Threat has a patent on it! Sure I have seen the pizza and calzone combo before, but never with garlic knots and this explains why. Such a smart move!!

Joe said he wanted to create something that no one had ever seen before and I am telling you I am still impressed by how many ways the Triple Threat can be done. The options are truly limitless.

As for the taste? It was delicious. Was it the best Margherita pizza or calzone I have ever had? No. But it was far from the worst. I think there was too much sauce on the pizza, although it was very tasty sauce. I especially liked dipping the garlic knots in it. However once it was sliced, the shape of the pizza and its construction made it hard to hold. The dough on the pizza end seemed too weak to hold up the weight of being a Triple Threat, understandably. 

The calzone was good as sell and had a lot of seasoning with I was happy about. Too many I have tried are dull and bland. If I have to go home and add garlic etc. myself that defeats the point. 

The garlic knots were exceptional. 

The only pizza I have had that I can compare it to is the garlic knot crusted Margherita I had at Krave It ( in Queens. But in that incarnation the garlic knots were so dry and the pizza wasn’t a show stopper. Chef Joe has a MUCH better thing going on. Plus he gets extra points for ingenuity.

This brief video shows you how each Triple Threat is conceived.

Since my visit I find myself constantly trolling Joe’s Rotisseria Instagram page to see what other, much more clever customers have created for their Triple Threats. I am still wondering what I would get next. 

Yes, I can definitely seeing myself stopping by for another pizza/calzone/garlic knot creation. I just want to up game. I also believe some rotisserie chicken will need to be involved. I am just so curious how my next experience will dazzle my taste buds in comparison to my first.

Each and every pie is created from scratch even if the it is the standard shape and size. Pizza is not sold by the slice ensuring everything you order is coming out hot, and fresh from the oven. 

Every March there is an International Pizza Expo held in Las Vegas. This year Chef Joe placed in the top twenty in the world in the non-traditional category for, get this, a Triple Threat known as the Tom Brady. This was a pulled bbq chicken pizza with chipotle ranch drizzle, pepperoni garlic knot calzone, and a white chicken parm slider crust. 

Talk about a mouthful.

I wonder how it tasted. 

I might be inclined to find out soon.

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