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For Find Out Friday - Why Do Sneakers Feel the Need to Dangle From Power Lines?

All through my childhood and still on occasion, I notice sneakers tied together dangling from the power lines in the street.  A fashion statement it is not, but never-the-less I never knew why this was a thing. Apparently some questions are not meant to be answered completely.  The most common theories, or should I say myths, have to do with gang symbols or the presence of drug dealing. But those appear to be urban legends.  There are a variety of reasons, young, stupid kids do the things they do.  This activity (the proper term is “shoe tossing”) has been associated with the following reasons as well: Celebrating the loss of one’s virginity; As a means for bullies to remove their victim’s shoes so that they may never be able to retrieve them; Celebrating a graduation or impending marriage; As a means of getting rid of shoes that no longer fit; or Just to see if you can. Personally I think it’s the last one even though I have never seen anyone i

For Year 8: 2018/2019 To Do List

Well, that is it. May is pretty much over with, so I can no longer put off publishing my most recent to do list. I have been way to lenient on myself this year but it is so hard to put a finite line where no other contestants are allowed to apply.  Of course I kid.  I know accept that there will be numerous places I want to eat at and visit that will come my way after this posting so I am being more concise than ever as I format this year’s to do list.  Since my blog was created in early March 2011 I usually give myself until April before I had to publish an edited to do list. This is why you don’t see these posts at the beginning of the calendar year. But this year this task got away from me rather fast. However, today I have put an end to all of that.  Going forward these are the items I will prioritize and you will notice there is a lot more on the food list than the activities side of things, especially under what is New .  If it still appear