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For Mighty Mystic Connecticut Part II: Mystic Seaport

After my yummy and very filling lunch at Go Fish it was time to hit up another Mystic landmark, Mystic Seaport. My parents tend to believe that we went there many years ago on a family vacation. I know we were definitely in Mystic way back when but we didn’t hit up the Seaport, Aquarium or Pizzeria. So you tell me if that counts. I definitely do not. I don’t know what I was picturing but this precious and relatively small sea town appears to be in the same shape that it was in the nineteenth century. Of course that is the point. There are numerous shops and homes you walk in and out of to see what goodies are being produced and how things were created back then. Those inside are in period costumes and will answer any questions. At one point I also witnessed the beginning of a reenactment of some kind. They were recruiting children and adults to participate but even that was a bit too much for me. The actors were trying to be into though an

For Mighty Mystic Connecticut Part I- Mystic Aquarium

As far as traveling goes, there will always be places I want to see for the first time, and there will always be places I continue to return to. Sometimes it is for the sites and new tastes and sometimes it’s for a more personal reason. Such is the case that brought me to Connecticut, Mystic to be specific. One of my very best friends lives there and I try to make at least an annual pilgrimage there to catch up and hang around town. Connecticut has also allowed me to know and love most of Rhode Island but that’s another blog for another time (tomorrow to be exact).  Mystic, Connecticut is a quaint little town with a big personality. The homes are all different but lovely. There are always tourists (me especially) walking around taking in the great weather in the summer and the food year round. There are many things to do and it is in such close proximity to many other parts of the state that you can plan a vacation around just about anything you like to do

For Pizza Done “Roberta’s” Way

Pizza is the best. I read that on a t-shirt once. I always meant to go back and order myself one. It would be perhaps one of the most honest things I could say about myself. Carbs, cheese, sauce, toppings, crunchiness, and salt, what else could you desire? It is the perfect anytime meal or snack. Sometimes it is both in the same day. Another good quality about pizza is that there are so many types. You can go to New York City and fold it in half and eat it walking down the street. Or you can go to Chicago and order one that weighs a mere metric ton. I have to admit that I would willingly give my right arm for either at any time. After deciding which style of pizza you want you have to decide whether you want what I call classic crust or thin crust pizza. In New York Sicilian pizza is also very common and that is very thick. When deciding what kind of crust you want I believe that is the most crucial decision you can make in this food