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For My Father

My earliest memory of my father is of us playing on the floor. I must have been about three or four years old and I was pretending to be She-Ra and he was my horse Swift Wind. I would “walk” him all around, as he was on his hands and knees, grunting as horses do. I would wait for my father to come home from work just so we can play this game. This playtime left me feeling in charge and proud. This is a feeling I have loved all my life, just I have always loved him. Another unforgettable memory is the countless Friday nights we spend together way back when my mother used to babysit for someone. As soon as she left we went to Toys”R”Us and I could pick out any toy I wanted. Of course I was not supposed to tell my mother that the money she was making we were spending simultaneously. Then we would go home and he would clean. While he did he would put on our record player and we would dance around and sing to classics like “Electric Avenue

For the Night I Spent with Music Royalty: "On the Run Tour"

To paraphrase JayZ “Yonce is the shit if I do say so myself”. My experiences have taught me that much. She was well worth the wait to see her, let alone The Carters together on one stage. It was the opportunity of a lifetime and the hottest concert of the year. This blog is going to explain the long road to one of the greatest show experiences of my life. Back in April 2013 in my “For Springing Ahead to My Busy Season” post ( ), I mentioned the first time I ever saw Beyonce was when she performed with Destiny’s Child as a part of Z100’s Zootopia in 2000. That seems like a lifetime ago. I still remember that concert and especially their performance because I was so enjoying it. I would have never guessed that fourteen years later I would be seeking an impossible feat: a ticket to the “On the Run” Tour. Unless you live under a rock you know t