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For a Blissful Brunch Just a Stone’s Throw Away: “Stone Park Café”

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know this and I force myself to eat it everyday. For me it is especially important because my chronic migraine illness requires me to take about fifteen or so pills each morning in the order to attempt to prevent an attack coming on. Even though this though this meal is important I have come to eating it under duress. I either wait until I am starving to shove it in, which I know is bad, or I just choke it down because I don’t like what I am eating. Most days during the week it’s a homemade yogurt parfait. Actually with fresh fruit and granola it is not bad, it’s good, the first time or two. Mostly I am not that hungry but I also crave “lunch foods”. I want soup, salad, or my favorite; Mexican food. A good burrito can make just about any day better. On the weekends I admit this seemingly good behavior goes out the window. I might snack on anything that seems ap

For the Perfect Piece of Pie: “Grand Traverse Pie Company”

How far would you go to eat something delicious? I mean something that is considered among the best of the country? For me I would plan a whole vacation around it, where that will end up being just one of the many reasons I have selected that city. I say city because more often than not that’s where I tend to go. Although I have definitely seen my share of country landscapes I prefer to visit them as a side trip not necessarily as the focal point of my travels. I have said on countless occasions that I love food. I love to be surprised by what experiences I have especially after I have read about them. If it is a meal I have been longing for, for more than a year, the anxiety and excitement builds. I suspect now the same goes for those in my life with a celebration approaching. I do have a tendency to spoil them and what better way to do that then to bring a piece of the best foods to our neck of the woods. When you Google the words “pie” and “Mic

For My Original Frank: “Franks’s Pizza and Restaurant”

As I sat down for dinner last week my only focus was how good the place smelt and how fast my food would come to me. It is a place I have been to since I was little and each time I return it seems to just get better and better. It is a local place without much fanfare. But the food is amazing and as a result of recent renovations it looks like a modern version of its original glory. While I waited for my food I looked up at the new brightly colored menu signs and tried hard not to add more food to my order. That’s when I realized that my latest blogs have included good food with a link to the name, Frank. Where it’s the name of the place or the chef that seems to be a good sign of what you are in for. It was at that moment I decided this easygoing meal would have to be written up to finish this theme. I took it all as a sign. I took out my cell phone and decided I would take just a few basic pictures of my food to illuminate my love for this food. Italian foo