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For "A Woman's Worth": Alicia Keys at 92Y

Alicia Keys and I are the same age and a world apart. I have a vague remembrance of when she first popped onto the music scene with the first single that I still know the words to “Fallin”. That was back in 2001. It seems like a lifetime ago. Back then she was this new singer with braids in her hair and was one of the few writing her own songs. She played the piano and could sing songs that would silence any crowd. The strength and glory of her voice always brings the audience to its knees. It is weird to me now thinking about that time, considering how I feel about her now and what I am going to share with you. At some point I went from fan to patron to disciple who worships hole heartily at the church of Alicia Keys and her lyrics. Her music has literally been the “key” to my salvation and I didn’t notice that irony until last week. But first let me back track. Just about five years ago (oh that magic numbe

For Meandering Through Chelsea Market and Finding Myself Among "People's Pops"

For as many times as I have read about it, talked about, and driven by it, I had never ever been to Chelsea Market. Well that has all changed in an instant. After my magnificent meal at Scarpetta (see previous post) I decided to walk the two blocks and go exploring. I figured I was too close not to go and plus I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if blood would still reach my toes or if it would be blocked by bread. Outside the weather was perfect. Even though late afternoon was turning to nightfall, it was still bright and sunny out. It is the kind of atmosphere that appears in a movie, an amazing summer evening in New York City. This neighborhood is filled with great places to eat and it seemed like everyone was hungry at that moment. The streets were filled but fairly quiet considering the amount of people that were sitting outside eating, chatting, shopping, and all happy to be doing what they were doing. I love looking around in crow

For "Scarpetta's" Spaghetti

Did you ever go somewhere so wonderful that you wish you could stay there forever? Better yet, have you ever eaten some place that was so delicious you wanted to crawl into your dish and stay there forever? Have you ever wanted to kidnap the chef so that you could eat like this every day? If that is too drastic, have you ever wanted to at least write him/her a note proclaiming your eternal devotion for them and anything they ever cook or create from that moment on? I certainly have. I am lucky I have had these kinds of experiences on several occasions, most recently at Scarpetta in New York City. I have decided to take this time to write my own love note to its owner, creator, and chef, Mr. Scott Conant. Dear Scott Conant, I am writing to you to tell you that while your restaurant was very nice it is missing a very important element: rehab programs for those of us who have gone recently and can’t seem to stop drooling about it!! I seem to be having this

For Flowers, Trees, and Pretty Things Growing in Brooklyn: Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

In sticking with the theme of this year, I recently went back to another childhood haunt of mine, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Prior to this recent visit the only other time I have been there was on a school trip in the third grade. I remember it like it was yesterday. My teacher, Mrs. Phillips, was a photographer on the side in her real life, and somehow managed to get cameras for each of her students. This still blows my mind considering how public schools cut their budgets. I am sure she did this on her own. We were all given a camera, went on a school trip (on a “cheese” bus and everything) to the gardens. We were allowed to take pictures of anything we wanted. I remember how excited I was. It is the first clear memory I have of using a camera. Somehow we developed the pictures, I am assuming she did. I will never ever forget what she said to me: “you have a great eye, I love your pictures”. I am not positive I had any idea what she was talking about but I knew