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For the City of Bridges: Pittsburgh Part I- Nearby Attractions

I love packing and recently I have found I can be ready for a trip in a matter of hours if I put my mind to it, no matter if it’s just for the night or for a week. Once I start I just put my mind on autopilot and my body races to pack all of the things running through my head. The excitement of my trip is pumping through my veins making me feel the highs of the adrenaline rush. At this point I just can’t wait to throw my bags into the car and get out of dodge. My destination this time is a road trip to a part of Pennsylvania I have never been to; Pittsburgh.  When I told my family and friends I was going to Pittsburgh and that it is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, I got a lot of mixed reactions. Mostly I got “What is there to see/do in Pittsburgh?” Like it was this mysterious island no one had ever visited before, well at least anyone I knew. Just like any major city I knew there would probably great restaurants and many tourists driven att

For a Luxurious Lunch: “Grand Lux Cafe”

After celebrating my mom’s birthday the previous night at Alfredos 100, it was time to go out to eat for her actually birthday this time for lunch. We were meeting up with friends and family and wanted some place not too far, not too expensive, some place that would seat walk-ins, and of course some place with delicious food. That place turned out to be the Grand Lux Café in Garden City, Long Island. It is a place I have frequented many times and have never had a bad experience. This time would be no different. As soon as we arrived the rest of my group did as well. We were seated right away in the extra large dining room. I cant imagine what it would take for this place to be so packed there would be a long wait. More restaurants should take this approach. Upon seating and despite our initial gabbing, we were all able to pick out what we wanted to eat. There was an order of salmon (some of the best I have ever tasted), s