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For Famous Television Locations

I love famous places. That is because I love being able to visit a place that is idyllic in my mind. If it has happened, then it is a true story, which to me means it is famous and I must see it. But many people find places that have actually been on television much more exciting. In truth, this can also be fun. For me it is usually a double whammy. When I go on vacation, I scour my guide books and the internet to see what famous tourist attractions I can see in that particular area.  If it is an area or city that is well known in my mind, which I associate with a television show, I research it further to see if those places were shot on location so that I can visit in person. Since I began doing this I now add this step when planning all of my vacations. It adds a layer of fun and fame to your trip. In order to find famous television locations you can go about this in any number of ways. Since I always use Frommer’s guides ( http://thequ

For a Night Spent 'Hanging Tough': "New Kids on the Block"

When was six years old I had my first celebrity crush. He was not only famous, he was a singing sensation, seemed cool, was a “bad boy”, and best of all he was hot. Now at six you wouldn’t think that what I thought was hot back then would still resonate with me at thirty-one but you would be wrong. Donnie Wahlberg has only gotten better with age and is the best thing that has come out of Boston since their crème pie. Better yet is that our age difference now seems more appropriate. I am all grown up and ready to play house! In the TWENTY-FIVE years since I first became of fan of New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), many things have changed and yet somehow stayed the same. For one thing they have as loyal and diverse of a fan base as I have ever seen. Since they reunited in 2008 and launched new albums and subsequent tours and they are as popular as back in the day. Way back when I had all the material obsessions that sho