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For My Giant “Leap” This Year

I got to be honest. I have no idea why we have leap years nor remember the last one in 2012. The only thing I know is that I didn’t write about it. That is how I evaluate my life, if I wrote about it then it crossed my mind more than once. The only exception to that rule is when my chronic migraines are raging especially in prior years that made my holiday blogs post six months to a year later than that they occurred. So what? Who doesn’t like a Christmas blog in the summer? This strategy keeps my readers on their toes. Certainly no other publication is as sporadic as mine.  I so often wish I had an extra day off each weekend so that I could get ahead on my list of things to do and still have a day to be a couch potato. This year happens to be a Leap Year and it’s on a Monday so that doesn’t really help me any. I think it should be a Federal holiday that way I would have off. I mean it’s only once every four years. I should think employers could swing that. There aren’t rea

For Living La Dolce Vita at: "La Villa"

La Villa should change its name to Land of Ziti. This local eatery of mine makes quite literally the best-baked ziti I have ever had, and I have had a lot. When you order be sure to get it how I like it with little sauce and well done. There is nothing that beats a pile of pasta topped with cheese turned into very crunchy pieces. I can eat an entire pan like that. In fact I am craving it as it I type, which is probably the worst part about being a blogger who writes about so many delicious food so often. While I hate a bad meal it is easier to write about those when trying not to become morbidly obese. La Villa is a restaurant I have been to many, many times but not within close proximity of another visit. It is the place my family goes to on special occasions like Mother’s Day and birthdays. It is slightly more expensive than other, similar places in my neighborhood but it is so worth it. Previously I had written about Salvi’s ( http://thequeenoff-ckin

For The Most Delicious Doughnut , Brooklyn Edition: “Doughnut Plant”

In my very first year of writing this blog I visited a place unaware of just how delicious it would make my life. I can hardly believe it is has been this long since I returned to trace my sweet steps. Even with this time gap my life was changed. I now knew what was out in the world and I couldn’t settle for less. It also began my journey as a foodie. Time sure does fly when you are running a blog tracking down a limitless amount of stops. That’s why returning to Doughnut Plant was a double sweet treat for me.  I am notorious for my loathing of just about anything chocolate. The first and probably only exception is the white chocolate KitKat, which I ate on this Valentines too oddly enough. That is my kryptonite. I would cut off my arm, or at least my pinky that is bruised from an accident earlier in the week, to have one now. Once I had made eye contact with that wrapper it came off faster than Rose Nyland can tell a St. Olaf story. On Valentine’s Day I was oddly cr

For My Finest Few Hours: “The Churchill”

    As I sit down to think about what I want to write in this blog I have Fergie in my head. Her song is setting the scene: Fun. I have heard about that before but it’s been a while. A really long while. Like so many years ago I can’t even reach that far back in my migraine brain. It may have well been a lifetime ago because who that girl was and what she did I have no recollection of. It is like I woke up after being in a coma for twenty years. Places, names, and people look and sound familiar but I can’t quite place them. They say some things are never truly forgotten, that it is like riding a bike. God knows how long ago I did that so I hope this new body and healing migraine brain can pull themselves together. I think I know how to act. I want to truly be myself with no self-conscious thoughts or actions. I want to actually have alcohol in my drink and dare I say fun. See there is that word again. I think it is associated with good conversat

For the Chance to Get My Hands Around “Artichoke Basille’s Pizza”

This is why I always have to try things myself. I rarely concur with any public sentiments be it movies, television shows, plays, or music. The subject of food is the strongest case of my argument. I do not care what is trendy but what is popular and why. Chief’s names are meaningless if you do not have a favorite. Then they are just letters on a page. But recipes that create the dishes you will crave your entire life make the chief an extended part of your family. Family, friends, and food are the three Fs that make life fun. Well I guess that is technically four Fs. Artichoke Basille Pizza is the latest causality to succumb to one of my reviews. I have been hearing about this place and how simply amazing it is. For some reason I thought it was started in Queens but I was wrong. It all begun in Manhattan but since then has established itself in many other places like Queens. Maybe I am a part psychic. The good part about being one of the last ones