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For Arroz Con Pollo Y Flan De Coco: "Bogata Bistro”

I am an easy person to please. I know what I want, what I like, and what I won’t stand for. This applies to all facets of my life. When it comes to food, I try to live outside the box now and again but certain foods will always bring me happiness and when I discover a new place to have them, it is even better.  When it comes to the flavors of Latin/Hispanic foods there are too many things I love to eat. It is one of my favorite types of foods. I can never get enough rice and beans especially. You can’t go wrong with that on your plate. I mean I could eat them every day and be happy. It’s a simple dish but has the right tastes, textures, and contentment. I always feel joy about it. So when I had friends offer to take me to a new place for just such a meal I couldn’t refuse. I had looked forward to it and counted down all day knowing I would find plenty of the things I love to eat and going to a restaurant I knew would be good was perfection. After all th

For the "Red, White, and Blue"

I didn’t see this blog coming but when I looked through my archives I realized the only time I did write something about this holiday it was 2011 ( ). That is too long without a public comment from me. The holiday I am referring to is of course The Fourth of July, as it is presently the eve of said holiday. Independence Day is a holiday for friends, family, and food. As I mentioned in 2011 it is also a holiday for the founding fathers, another of my favs that also begin with F. I like to stick to a theme. My first memories of these days are as a small child in my Brooklyn backyard. I assume we had a feast during the day and I am sure I was in my pool as I was in there as much as possible. The memories that are the strongest came at night. Once it was dark all the fun came out, and so did the sparklers. I knew I had to be careful but I loved those things. I thought it was the greatest inve