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For a "Beautiful" Brooklyn Songstress: "Beautiful, The Carole King Musical"

A good show makes you forget where you are. An even better show will make you forget you are watching a show but are instead in the midst of the world you have entered and believe is happening right now. The rare times this has happened to me I am stunned at what I am seeing and then when I come to I have an OVERWHELMING NEED to write. Write everything and anything as fast as I can. Now you know what I was busy doing during the intermission of this play. Carole King and I have something in common; we are both born and bred in Brooklyn, New York. I know, lucky us. ( ) Brooklyn is infamous for the famous stars that it has bore and set out into the world. This is especially true for those of us who attended James Madison High School just like Carole King, Justice Ginsburg, and I did. Law, art, music, acting, are just some of the fields that have b

For My Continued Path on the Underground Railroad: “Plymouth Church”

I have mentioned my affinity for all things related to the Underground Railroad that aided the ushering of slaves to the North to live a life full of freedom. I wish there was one long trail I could follow from beginning to end of the country. While that may not exist in that way, I am determined to make a dent in the list of stops in any state I am in be it near home or on a vacation. So far I have been able to visit three of these historic sites. There was the Burkle Estate that I got to see when I was in Memphis in 2011 ( ). It was beyond my wildest dreams that anyone had ever used tunnels to escape. Seeing that for the first time made it real and flooded my mind with images too scary to even believe that they happened. I don’t know that I ever could have been so brave. Of course by comparison I have lived a life of privilege where one doesn’t h

For the City of Bridges: Pittsburgh Part III- Pittsburgh Eats

When I am experiencing a new place what I eat is just as important as what I do.   Every meal or snack might not be destination oriented but there are always a handful of spots I have in mind. I want to eat like a local and sample the best that area has to offer. The farther away I am and the shorter the length of my trip puts pressure on making sure my list is full of the essentials any foodie would be proud of. As for Pittsburgh there was only one must have food adventure I knew I would get to no matter what. I had seen it on the Food Network when Adam Richman visited. I am of course talking about the legendary institution, Primanti Brothers. Primanti Brothers has been a Pittsburgh landmark since 1933 in its original eighteenth street location- of course the location I was determined to see. There were several others in the area most notably in the Southside district and Market Square. But I wanted to experience the real deal. After arriving at my hotel on my first