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For the Royals, Cabinet War Rooms, and Jack the Ripper: London, England “Historical Significance”

History is a great passion of mine. It's right up there with travel. Thus when I am traveling I am usually incorporate history in any way, shape, or form that is possible.  Being that this was London there was historical significance in just about every step I took. The two locations I discuss here have huge histories behind them but they were also among the items at the top of my list. After visiting them both I felt like my trip to London was going in the right direction. I couldn’t have been happier. Benjamin Franklin House Founding Father Benjamin Franklin has lived in many famous cities all over the world. I have followed his footsteps extensively in Philadelphia ( ) and I made sure to fit him into my schedule when I was in London as well. Ben Franklin lived in London from 1757-1775 while he tried to barter an agreement and cease fire between America and Great Britain. He was acting as a U.S. ambassador before there

For the Royals, Cabinet War Rooms, and Jack the Ripper: London, England “Must Do Activities”

London Eye As soon as I knew my trip to London was coming to fruition, I immediately thought of the London Eye. I had heard about it so long ago that I had almost forgotten about it. But luckily my mind never ceases to remember a desire when it comes to traveling.  The London Eye is a high flying Ferris wheel that is the world’s largest. It opened in 2000 and consists of individual clear glass pods that are enclosed and temperature controlled.  In the U.S. I have been on a pretty large Ferris wheel in Chicago ( ) and still plan to visit the one in Atlanta on my next trip there  ( ). However, there is nothing that tops the London Eye. When you arrive at the beautiful location, on the Thames River directly across from Big Ben and the Parliament, the size of the London Eye can be a bit daunting. But the pods go slow intended to give you the best views of the entire city. Once you ar