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For “The Person Who Changed My Life”

As I alluded to in an earlier blog, this week I have been thinking about “The Person Who Changed My Life” after watching this special report from CNN. After watching the program and seeing how and who the anchors mentioned as the people who changed their lives for the better, I have been thinking about how I would answer that question. Initially I had two thoughts. One, I wonder who I would identify. Second, I think the answer is me. Neither of those interviewed gave themselves as answer. I feel like this is a kind of question where the answer should fly right out of your mouth. I don’t know for sure but it seemed like the anchors I watched didn’t have to think about this at all. I wish I could know what their process was like. But in lieu of that information all I know is how I processed the information. For instance there are many changes we experience, both bad and good, that turn us into the people we were meant to be. I am assuming they mean this question to be

For a Local Sunday Night Dinner: “Salvi Restaurant”

A good meal in a comfortable, familiar place where you are guaranteed to enjoy your food in a peaceful environment is divine. It is one of the only reasons I would be willing to get dressed and go out on a Sunday. While many people are fond of their “Sunday Fundays” in order for me to have one I stay in my pajamas all day, watching everything that has built up on my DVR, while taking naps on the couch in between shows.  One of the best examples of this is a restaurant in my neighborhood, Salvi. This Italian eatery has been a place for my family to get a quick bite, catch up over delicious pasta, and serve as host to some of our Christmas Eve dinners. It is a place where I have a favorite dish, where I know the waiters by sight, and where I can look forward to their homemade bruschetta on the table. When Italians go out for Italian food the restaurant has to be of a certain quality. We are not going to the diner to order that version of marinara sauce.

For Getting to Know Melissa After All

It’s ironic that I am going to share this story. When I reflect back on I still feel the sting and letdown I did on that day way back when. For once I don’t even know when my story takes place. Oh sure I was there and remember my every movement but I have NO idea about the time or date. I can’t even give you a year. I am thinking sometime in the early 1990s and I want to say on a weekend in the summer but this is more of a guess than anything else. The only thing I can say with any certainty is how devastated I was that day and how I know that was the root of the change I have been making in myself over the last twenty or so years. CNN has had a special on this week called “The Person Who Changed My Life”. All of the anchors are sharing their stories about a parent, teacher, or mentor who somehow aided them on the path that they are on right now. I think this is in interesting question; in fact I plan on exploring it in depth in my next blog. At first I was dra

For the F-cking King of Burgers: “Bill’s Bar and Burger"

Ah the perfectly made burger. It is a rarity I tell you. I am very picky about the way my burger has to be cooked and the way it has to taste. For starters I cannot see any signs of life like ANY red whatsoever. Secondly I need it to be the right constancy, thin not thick, not too large, and definitely not dry. I need my meat to have some moisture with each bite going down. It also helps if there are some delicious toppings on it. Avocados are my favorite. I would probably eat anything that had avocado on it and I have just eaten an entire one all by myself with a spoon and nothing more. My latest favorite burger toppings are Swiss cheese, American cheese, caramelized onions, and Thousand Island dressing. For kicks let’s put that on marble rye. It might sound like a random combination but this creation is the Onion Soup Patty Melt that I had Bill’s. That is Bill’s Bar and Burger. Shockingly I did not hear about this from the Huffington Post, New York T

For a Trip to the Market That Didn’t Include Three Little Piggies: “Gansevoort Market”

  I enjoy a good marketplace even if I am not in the market for anything. Most marketplaces sell a variety of foods indigenous to the region so they are worth a look-over. Plus I love a souvenir that I can bring home to enjoy at a later time. This is no less true when I am a hometown tourist.       My latest experience took place the day I spent in Gansevoort. It started with a trip to the Fort Gansevoort Gallery (see previous blog) but it ended with a trip to the Gansevoort Market. Inside there were plenty of treasures ready for consuming. However I had just had lunch (next blog) so I was quit full but I planned to be purchasing some goodies to take home. I didn’t do much else but take photos and seek out what I needed to try. In truth I would have been happy to have one of everything especially once I was home and was hungry yet again. The items I decided I couldn’t live without were coffee, muffins, and macarons. The Champion Coffee I boug