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For Future Mothers Days

  All day long, yesterday, I had been seeing many messages on social media regarding Mothers Day. It is to be expected, the holiday is upon us after all. Unlike Valentines Day where your plans are based on whether or not you are in a relationship, there doesn’t appear to be any stigma around your plans on this Sunday in May. While it is certainly sad to be without your mother (no matter the reason) on Mothers Day, it doesn’t seem to bring on the isolation and depression singles feel when sitting home on a Valentine-less Day.  Our society and culture norms fascinate me. Actually speaking of those celebrating their mother’s who have passed, those posts seem to be the majority of what is currently online. In a way it is nice if that brings comfort and community to all. While I am enormously lucky to have my mother here, normally within my reach, she is not the only woman I have treasured. For the first fourteen years of my life I had my grandmother too. I was her Messiah an