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For “The Power of Love”

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters, compared with what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emerson I think my iPod is sending me subliminal messages. Today I heard a song that took me back to being a kid. It was a song that my childhood friend and I would play on the jukebox at the local pizzeria. I don’t know how often exactly but it feels like we would walk there once a week with our mothers, get a slice, and then get to play a song each. The rule was we couldn’t leave until we each heard our song. If someone was already playing one, we had to wait which felt like an eternity back then at four or five years old. If I close my eyes now I can still see what the floor looked like, what it smelled like in there, even our favorite table. I imagine myself wearing pig tails in my hair with those enormous plastic bubble rubber bands tied tightly. I remember calm, happy, easier times. It brings a sense of joy remembering thos

For All Things Natural and Historic: American Museum of Natural History

I am obsessed with my two and half year old nephew. I think he is the most gorgeous and genius person I know. Some days more than others depending on what adults cross my path. On a recent trip to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City even though he was not with me, I found myself anticipating what he would think. He loves the story of the “Three Little Pigs” and keeps asking his mother for a “big wolf”. After I left the museum the only words that came to my mind were “big dinosaurs”.   That seemed appropriate enough. My last visit to this museum if my memory serves, was probably sometime in high school. If it was that recent we are still talking about at least fifteen years ago. Some parts were vaguely familiar but on class trips there are limits to what you can see and do. I definitely did not see as much as I did now and I was especially excited to get to go to the Hayden Planetarium for the first time. On the rainy Saturday I venture

For Families in "Other Desert Cities"

Its official. I have seen every television and movie icon I grew up watching. They are all Broadway stars now. One is even a Tony award winner. It is like a dream come true for me too. The latest incarnation was “Other Desert Cities” and I am sad to say it closes today. When this play opened I was intrigued by the cast first and the story line second. It is a drama staring Judith Light, Stockard Channing, Stacey Keach, and Thomas Sadoski. It originally featured Rachel Griffiths as the daughter who comes home having written a memoir about her family when a terrible family secret is unearthed. This is the heart of the story. This role was now being played by Elizabeth Marvel. I am always curious about plays that have at the heart of their core a deep mystery, especially when it is a family secret. When you see these types of shows you always think you can guess what that secret is. By intermission you have an idea of w

For “Steak ‘n Shake”

I have been making great progress so far crossing off many things from my 2012 to do list (for the complete list- ).   Every time I do I feel a great sense of satisfaction especially when it is something I have wanted to try for a while. Even better than that is when I get to eat something delicious. I had heard about “Steak ‘n Shake” for several months now. Since I tried Five Guys last year ( ) and Shake Shack more recently ( ),  I figured it was the final piece to the new trendy chains that serve burgers and fries. And who doesn’t love burgers and fries? So I was up to the challenge. After having a great experience at Shake Shack I figured I would love anything that had the word “Shake” in it.