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For Going “All The Way” With L.B.J.

I have a thing for history, politics, Broadway plays, and celebrities. Luckily for me this combination is a likely combination. It happened once before, last year as a matter of fact ( ). This year I knew I would have another stab at a similar scenario. I have never seen an episode of the acclaimed “Breaking Bad” but I know its reputation and Bryan Cranston’s soul was apparently left all over televisions sets across America. It was such a reputation that made me want to see him even more when he signed on to play President Lyndon Johnson in the new play on Broadway “All The Way”.  The play takes place immediately after the Kennedy assassination as soon as Johnson is sworn in on Air Force One and continues throughout his political battles and re-election campaign. The many specific details are taken slowly one by one and e

For This "Smart Traveler's" Guide To All Things Vacation

A good travel tip is the best free advice you can get. It is as good as gets in my world. I never pass up the chance to learn how to travel smarter. As with anything there is always room for improvement. I take my education wherever I can get it. I am always playing the role of both the hunter and gatherer. I come across so many items of interest on the internet and from television and I check out every lead to see whether or not I will incorporate it to my life. When it comes to traveling and planning my vacations I take that very seriously. I have my rituals and I don’t change my ideals easily. So when I find something worth my attention it is also appropriate that I share the information. The list below details the tips I have flagged and loved from a book I recently read called “The Smart Traveler’s Passport”. The author is a former editor for Budget Travel magazine and he has written a book based on a section that used to be popular called “20 Tips”. They

For Year 4: 2014/2015 To Do List

Like I mentioned in my last post I had considered not writing this blog anymore, especially this particular annual list. I thought that now I had conquered a fair amount of the restaurants and attractions in my hometown, even though there are plenty more I would do, I didn’t think I needed to keep a list anymore. I debated the pros and cons of such a list. My goals are not what they were when they first appeared in “For the Keys to My New York City” post that appeared in April 2011 (see link under For Past To Do Lists below). Back then I hadn’t done nearly half of the amazing things I have since I began this journey. These last few years if I just sit back and think of the first things that come to mind these are the things that rush into my head: •        Locanda Verde •        Intrepid •        South Street Seaport Museum •        Tenement Museum •        Kazi’s Deli •        92Y •        The New York Times Travel Show •        The Holida