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For Find Out Friday - Who Puts the Arthur in Arthur Avenue?

Sure Tom has a River ( ) and Hugh L. Carey has a tunnel ( ), but why does Arthur get an avenue?? What is that all about? Let’s find out. Arthur Avenue is named for Chester A. Arthur, the twenty-first President of the United States. Arthur became President in 1881 after the assassination of President James Garfield. Arthur would serve until 1885.  Prior to his becoming President, Arthur was an attorney and politician. He died in 1886 after suffering from kidney disease most of his presidency. Sadly he is offen referred to as the most forgotten president by historians.  The twenty-second president is one whom I become more closely associated with recently, Grover Cleveland ( ). So why, was this seemingly unknown president given such an honor? Well, that answer is actually relatively simple.  The land that surrounds Arthur Avenue in the Bronx was historically farmland. It was originally o

For the Bronx’s Answer to Your Local Bakery: “La Salle Bakery”

Now that we got our fill of pizza - ok I will never get my fill - but still I feel like its time to turn our attention to desserts. Oh, and I just remembered some more pizza.  But first, the desserts.  La Salle Bakery has been on my to do list since 2017 ( ) and there it remained this year ( ). But alas it will not be there next year! That bitch has been crossed off!! It was my cousin’s very bright idea (and I mean that sincerely) for me to taste what I have been craving. On a recent visit to my house she suggested that she could bring some goodies from this bakery over because it was near her home, and she was coming over for Sunday dinner.  That thought nearly brought me to tears. First because she was making an effort to go out of her way, and second because she remembered reading it on my blog. It turns out it really is the thought that counts.  But so does the pastry.  Since we were having a

For a Gathering of Like Minded People: “Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival”

Last night I saw a commercial for Oprah’s new line of pizza and was instantly outraged. If anyone should have their own line of prepared pizzas it should be me.  I doubt Oprah has even been to a pizza festival.  But I have! The Pizzadelphia Pizza Festival caught my eye a couple of months ago and I decided I needed to attend despite my reservations about how hot it would be.  The Festival was held at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia and it was a bright and sunshiny day.  But it was also hot. Very hot, and despite my strong infinity for pizza I was semi dreading an outdoors event.  Never-the-less I forged ahead.  I made good time to Philly and met my first obstacle when I pulled into the parking lot at the Navy Yard. It was completely packed!!  For such a large event the parking lot did not seem at all capable of holding the amount of vehicles it would solicit.  After a bit of stalking some folks who were leaving I managed to secure a sp

For Find Out Friday - Who is Dick Wolf’s Original Wolfpack?

I am a hard core Law and Order fan.  Only recently have I added Criminal Minds ( ) to my network crime show repertoire.  But I remain loyal to the brand that made me a fan of the genre. Thus I owe much to its creator, Dick Wolf. Dick Wolf is a very popular name for anyone doesn’t live under a rock. He has been a major player behind several series on NBC, which is now truer than at any other point in time.  There are currently four shows on that channel (Law and Order SVU, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med) as well as Cold Justice which is on Oxygen. I am an active viewer of all of these are shows.  Cold Justice is in a league of its own, solving crimes and bringing justice to victims and their families in real life. This work alone seals Dick Wolf’s legacy for me.  But when it comes to Wolf Film Productions the list of successful shows continues.  Chicago Justice (NBC) survived only one season but I was getting really int