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For My Multiple Personality Migraines

I am having a panic attack. I have them fairly often now. There is a rhythm to them. They come in order and in relation to the other symptoms I feel now. Every week I can almost put my finger on what I will feel on what day except, that when I am going through it I feel like I am in the middle of a deep, thick, cloud and no one mood seems to pass fast enough. I feel like I have enough emotions for more than one person. There are many sides to me and when dealing with my migraines it brings out all of my personalities. The feelings I am alluding to are all related to my chronic migraine illness. Anyone who has a chronic illness also has chronic anxiety, chronic stress, chronic anger, chronic depression, chronic loneliness, and chronic poverty, at some point. It is like riding a rollercoaster, once you go over one hurdle you feel a high of the thrill thinking the worst is over until you see the heights you still have to climb ahead of you. It is

For Eating “Down Home with the Neely’s” at “Neely’s Barbecue Parlor”

Gina and Pat Neely are Food Network royalty. They are former high school sweethearts who reconnected at their ten-year high school reunion and were married in 1994. Since then they have become restaurateurs merging with Pat’s relatives and creating a legacy of good food and family in Tennessee. As their restaurant success increased fame came their way in the form of their fairy godmother none other than Ms. Paula Deen. This queen of southern cooking had come to a Neely’s restaurant to film an episode of a Food Network show called “Road Tasted”. This day Pat cooked up one of his signature dishes for Paula’s boys. It was during this meeting and meal where producers saw the spark the couple has and knew that the camera would love them. They appeared on a few of Paula’s other shows and then like that they had their own. Down Home with the Neely’s premiered in February 2008 and was the highest ranking s