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For a Great Meal on Cue: Rue 57

They say it is impolite to stare. But I wonder it does this rule apply only to people or does it also apply to the food they are eating? What if you catch yourself ignoring your companions, while you instead visual stalk a waiter tray in hand, with your eyes clued to the dishes on that tray no matter where he or she moves with nothing breaking your concentration? There is no piece of furniture, fake shrubbery, or even other customers that can distract you.   Suddenly you realize drool is coming out of your mouth and you don’t even care. Is that impolite? I wonder. I know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but I think memorizing a lunch menu via the tables around you should count too. Such was just the beginning of my recent luncheon at Rue 57. It was on my 2011 to do list ( )  and then sadly as I did not get to it, I had to put it back on my 2012 to do list ( ).  But not shortly thereafter, I am happy

For Entrance into the Pearly Gates: Greenwood Cemetery Historic Tour

I love the travel channel. It teaches me about places I have dreamt of going my whole life, and even better it shows me places I didn’t even know existed that I now have to get to. I record almost every show. It is an education waiting to happen right there on my DVR. It all began with Samantha Brown ( ),  graduated to Man vs. Food, and now there are new shows I am addicted to like Mysteries at the Museum and Off Limits. The latter two are hosted by my new favorite host, Don Wildman. He has a knack for storytelling and in Off Limits doing the impossible, or rather what the general public is not allowed to do. I find that fascinating and okay at times depressing. I have an urge to steal Don’s job or at least break in to these amazing, but decrepit places he is always going. He is a lucky man, a very lucky man. But I am a loyal viewer so every week I watch faithfully and then lookup and print my travel g