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For a Story I Heard Through the Grapevine: “A Raisin in the Sun”

I am so very obviously a child of the 1980s. This is why I love “The Goldbergs” so much. I get to watch and reminisce at the same time. It doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly funny either. Back in my day a hip toy could be easily disguised as a rock or even a raisin but not just any raisin; a California Raisin. Do you remember those? For anyone too young to know what I am talking about here is what they looked like. These Raisins were in a band and sung the very popular “I Heard it Through the Grapevine”. The song was originally done by Marvin Gaye. They had a cartoon show, were the official mascots of Post Raisin Bran, and an all-around cultural icon. This song is now playing on a loop in my head with the Raisins as a visual aid. So when talking about the only other raisin I know you will know why I started with singing silly raisins and then moved to the topic of this post. I of course am talking about the new play on Broadway “A Raisin in the Sun

For an Iron Chef Inspired Evening: Butter Midtown

I am such a huge fan of Chef Alex Guarnaschelli of Iron Chef and Food Network fame. I adore her charming personality and the way she describes the food she loves on such a detailed level that you are imagining you too are eating the same thing. I have never had a bad recommendation from her; rather in fact I have gone to Ferrara Bakery in Little Italy because she told me I needed to eat their lobster tail pastry. Boy was she right! Chef Guarnschelli is the executive chef at Butter Midtown which recently opened in November 2013 having moved from its previous location on Lafayette Street. This new location is on 45 th Street in the heart of the theater district and near mostly any activity you can think of. I visited the original location back in 2010 ( )  as it was part of my to-do list that year. I love to seek out restaurants and special events when I am looking at the year ahead

For a Wonderful Weekend in the Windy City Part VII: Conclusion

So now you have seen what my version of Chicago is like. I hope now you have a clearer understanding of why I love it so much and why I wanted to share it with you. Once you have had a wonderful weekend in the windy city you are exhausted and happily so. You have gotten to just about everything that was possible and they say it is good to leave you wanting more. I always leave Chicago wanting more, more food, more fun. Another great aspect of Chicago is its proximity to other regions. For instance Gary, Indiana (original home to the Jackson Five and family) is only about a half hour away by car. Besides visiting this former home I know there is also a casino there and many hotels have shuttles that go back and forth. It is something different to do and if you love gambling you still get your wish. Chicago really is the gateway to anything that you desire. I know I will keep going back until there isn’t one thing left on any of my future itineraries. Whenever

For a Wonderful Weekend in the Windy City Part VI: Future Itinerary

Now that you have seen how busy I am when I am in Chicago it is no wonder that I still have many sites and places I would like to visit. The more I read and research the longer my list grows. As of now these are the most pressing restaurants and activities that will be the first things I conquer on my next trip out there. I will list my future itinerary by category, the first up is of course food, followed by museums/attractions, shopping, and sightseeing vehicles. I) Food a.   Eli's Cheesecake- Famous Chicago cheesecake that has been served at high profile events like Presidential Inaugurations. b.   Gino's East- Classic deep-dish pizza, made famous by graffiti covered booths. Its Duff Goldman’s favorite as seen “On the Best Thing I Ever Ate.” c.   Lou Mitchell's- Local breakfast place around since 1923 that greets you with doughnut holes and milk duds while you wait. You can’t ask for more than that! d.   Hot Chocolate- Desserts are the