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For Find Out Friday - Is it Barbecue or Barbeque?

  Continuing our theme from the last edition of FOF, I have another food bloggers dilemma to put to rest.  Is it “barbecue” or “barbeque”? Depending on the name of the restaurant, that is the spelling I adhere to. It is the same strategy I implore with “doughnuts”.  But really what is the difference? My friends at  made answering this question a snap.  Basically “barbecue” is both the word to define the gatherings we all aspire to attend around the Fourth of July as well as the method of cooking on a grill with a metal gate. It is also the only accepted spelling of this word in all English literature since the beginning of time.  They speculate that since the abbreviation “BBQ”  has a q in it, that spelling of “barbeque” became popular. However, it is still the less popular of either spelling and technically is incorrect.  Since my default setting is to always adhere to the restaurant’s name I am reviewing, I had to pause here to see how many times I have been to a “barbequ

For Find Out Friday - Is it Doughnut or Donut?

  Is it “doughnut” or “donut”? I know this seems like something I should have learned in the third grade but apparently my elementary school teachers failed me.  As a food blogger, I constantly seem to stumble upon this dilemma so I decided to learn the difference once and for all. I have allotted some time today in case I have a lot of blogs to update. Also I am about to post yet another blog about these circular, fried, and sometimes jelly filled delicious treats.         Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop   Apparently the reason I am confused in the first place it because of my British roots.  My ancestors were from Italy and Ireland, but as an American Revolutionary War buff, I have always felt I had a bit of British in my blood.  As I begun to research this spelling conundrum, the first result made perfect sense.  The word “doughnut” is the proper U.K. spelling; while “donut” is the Americanized version.  This reminds me of similar Americanisms such as colour versus col