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For an After Theater Hang Out

Joe Allen in NYC is a notorious restaurant for theatergoers and the Broadway stars they adore. It was listed in my guide “The Best Things to Do in New York” and of course as well in the New York City Frommer’s Guide. It is considered to be one of the most important eateries on “Restaurant Row”, the nickname for 46 th Street between 8 th and 9 th Avenues. It is a street lined with great things to see and eat.  Joe Allen should be at the top of this list. The restaurant is unassuming in the lower lever of the brownstone building it calls home. If it weren’t for the bright green sign above I would have continued to walk on by. I was eager as ever to get in and see what this place was all about. Once inside, the restaurant embodies casual elegance. I went on a Saturday afternoon. This was not ideal for star gazing, as most performers do not go to a sit down meal in between shows. That was okay with me; I had planned on that. I was there instead to enjoy the atmosphere and sampl

For Rice Pudding

The only rice pudding I have ever eaten and enjoyed was made by my aunt. It is typical rice pudding with traditional texture and flavor. I love it. Especially, when she puts cinnamon sticks on top. That makes it extra special. That homemade rice pudding is still one of my favorites but now it has a buddy. Last week I tried Rice to Riches in NYC for the first time. I have to say, I believe it is probably as addicting as drugs. Forget what you think you know about rice pudding. I don’t care if you hate it. You will still love it here and leave wanting more. It is completely unlike anything else I have ever had. You know how they say cleanliness is next to Godliness? Well they lied. Rice Pudding is next to Godliness. Rice to Riches serves a version of rice pudding that is creamier than typical rice pudding. It tastes more like custard is mixed in. On top of that deliciousness they have the most incredible and creative flavors. They even have seasonal and holiday selections. But what

For Upcoming Events: Fall 2011/Winter 2012

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for information on exciting upcoming events. Sometimes readers feel I post a blog about something they wish they would have known about so that they could have participated. Going forward, maybe every season, I will try to post what is on my calendar, and what should be on your radar. Plays Baby It’s You- This play tells the true story (my favorite kind) of the Shirelles and how a housewife turned them into stars singing hits like “Duke of Earl” and “It’s My Party”. This play is closing on September 4. Catch Me If You Can- I do not have tickets or an interest in this show, but if you do you better go soon. It is closing on September 4 as well. Death of a Salesman- It was just announced that Phillip Seymour Hoffman will play Willy Loman directed by the famed Mike

For a Day Spent Under the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most recognizable sites in the world . It is beautiful and enchanting. It can also be a lot of fun. You can walk over it to Manhattan,  take a boat ride underneath it, or  use it as a base point to find good food. On the Brooklyn side, there are many nice places to eat, and one recent sunny weekend I tried out Grimaldi's Pizza, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and Jacques Torres Chocolates. Afterward I was very full and very happy. Here's why... Grimaldi’s Since I am apparently hunting down every famous pizza place and trying them out, I had to make my way to Grimaldi’s finally. After all of the years I have been reading about it, I could wait no longer. I decided to be there when they opened to avoid as much of a crowd as possible. I would have likely been third in line except that a tour bus beat me there. Everyone on line was waiting to be seated and from where I was standing, thankfully under scaffolding blocking the hot sun, it was ab