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For an Update on “Adrienne’s Pizza Bar”

Back in 2011, the first year of my blog, I listed all of the places that make NYC a place I love ( ). Similarly they are the reasons you should come and visit to see why I am right. When it came to food I had a simple list of musts. In the seven years that have past there are many more I would add but interestingly enough none I would remove.  Adrienne’s Pizza Bar was on that list.  Although I have been there countless times I haven’t been in the last couple of years. With all of the pizza I have been trying lately I was curious. Would it still hold up? Adrienne’s serves an array of Italian favorites as well as a thin crust individual size pizza. But what they are best known for is their square panned pizza. It is like Detroit style pizza had a baby with a Sicilian pie. It is square, but not doughy, but does not have thin crust either. It is its own special entity in the pizza world.  Adrienne’s Pizza Bar was created by Harry and Pe

For a Slice of Pizza New Haven Style, Part II: “Zuppardi’s Apizza”

Zuppardi’s Apizza ranked number five on Eater’s list and it was our next stop, so its your’s too. Once again Frank Pinello and The Pizza Show are behind this find and I couldn’t be more grateful.  While I enjoyed my time at Modern Apizza, Zuppardi’s is a place I feel like I have been visiting my entire life. By the end of my visit I felt like the waitress was my new best friend and I could see the love her family has been putting into their family owned and operated restaurant since it was only a bakery back in 1932.  After eight years of success the original Zuppardi, Dominic, handed over the reigns to his son Anthony who took the popularity of the bakery’s pizza and ran with it. It is now in the hands of his children and grandchildren who continue to make their pizzas with the passion that is in their blood.  The restaurant had no line when I pulled up and I was relieved but puzzled. If Frank Pinello came here than I knew this place was going to be amazing.

For a Slice of Pizza New Haven Style, Part I: “Modern Apizza”

As if an afternoon of eating pizza in Coney Island wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t, the very next day I was headed out on a planned outing to New Haven.  New Haven pizza is called “apizza” no matter where you have it. It is pronounced “ah -beetz”. When I say this I feel it necessary to make a hand gesture. It feels more Italian that way. Apizza has a serious game in New Haven. I first heard about a place called Sally’s Apizza and how legendary it was. I was so convinced that I had to try it, that this location made it on my most recent annual to do list (.    As you will see through these mini two part New Haven pizza blog, Sally’s Apizza still remains on my to do list, but not for lack of effort. I am no stranger to New Haven, Connecticut, or pizza from this region. I have been to two of Frank Pepe’s locations; Hartford in 2013 and New Haven itself in 2016 . Frank Pepe’s is credited with bringing Naples style pizza to this region and his remains a favorite

For Find Out Friday - Why Do All Boat Names Begin With Nazi Like Initials?

I have always wanted a house that had a name. You known something fun, playful, and catchy sounding that reminds anyone who reads it of me. I don’t have the name picked out just yet, I guess it will depend a lot on what the house looks like and where it is located.  While I have no plans to ever own a boat, those who do share a similar affinity for naming their possessions using phrases and names of those closest to their hears.  Names aside, I find that most boat names always begin with the letters “SS”. I might be alone in this but when I read that specific letter in doubles I am transported back in time to Nazi Germany. Those soldiers are the only thing that comes to mind. Naturally that is not a happy thought. Nor I imagine what someone who just doled out a lot of money for a prized possession wishes to conjure.  So why, I wondered, are those letters used? And what do they stand for?  I figured that had to be a good explanation.  Of course I was right. T

For Pizza With a Side of Sand: “Totonno’s”

After Best Pizza it may have seemed pointless to go on trying pizza from other places but I am not a quitter. I still had a to do list ( ) to work on.  Totonno’s in Coney Island has finally been scratched off.  When you think of food in Coney Island the most popular place to go is Nathan’s Famous ( ), where America goes to get a good hot dog. They have been doing it at this location since 1916 after all.  But besides the hot dogs and the many types of entertainment you can take in, such at the Ford Amphitheater, you have to add great pizza to the list. Totonno’s has been a family business since it opened in 1924. But I wouldn’t say it has that warm welcoming vibe exactly. Naturally it was a #pizzafriday when I visited and there was only one other table occupied. This was a first for me. Every time I have attempted to visit there was no where to park and a full house. Apparently #pizzafridays haven