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For My First Christmas, As Myself

Christmas this year didn’t feel quite right. While it didn’t quite sneak up on me it just didn’t feel like Christmas. It felt a bit forced. I don’t know if this is part of getting older but time is really flying by. We are at the dawn of a new year already and I feel like it was just yesterday when I was gearing myself up for 2016. This Christmas Day was a very low-key event for my family breaking a trend that has lasted about thirty years. My immediate family of four was staying in, in our matching pjs picked out by yours truly, and just spending the day together. We would eat, laugh, tell stories we have heard a thousand times, but most important relax. Relaxing is not something I normally associate with any holiday. Usually no matter how prepared or excited we are, there are too many things to do within too few hours and the activity of the day makes it go by in a flash. It is sort of like when its your wedding and you feel like you were only there for thirty mi

For Find Out Friday Week 19- The Brooklyn Ladies

“We all share a wish that we can wake up every morning of our lives at home.” Many questions can spring from a single commercial. So is the case for The Brooklyn Ladies. Every so often I hear a commercial mention them and then there is an ad for some sort of senior care facility. As a Brooklyn lady myself I had never heard of “these” other Brooklyn ladies so it was time to investigate. As you will see those Brooklyn ladies are pretty incredible too. The Metropolitan Jewish Health System also known as MJHS was established in 1907. There were four ladies from Brooklyn who were behind its creation. They were: Sarah Webelovsky, Emma Rosenthal, Sarah Berlin, and Flora Grodin. Their Jewish heritage encouraged one reaching out into the community to serve in any way you could. It wasn’t just about giving money but about giving of your time. As the story goes, these women could no longer look into the eyes of those who were old and sick without doing something. Thus;

For Find Out Friday Week 18- For All of the Days That Live in Infamy

This week’s Find Out Friday is going to be a bit more dramatic than a list of trivial facts about the questions swirling around in my brain. As you can see it has a more familiar title similar to my regular blogs. It appears World War II has been all I can think about lately. The more I learn the more questions I have. It seems like a bottomless pit. Television is where it all begins. “Hunting Hitler” is a History Channel show in its second season and I am obsessed with it. It provides recently unsealed documents as a team traces the footsteps of an alive Adolf Hitler, post 1945, who we find is still living after he is allegedly found dead in his bunker. It may seem farfetched and that’s what I thought too but the proof is unbelievable. You truly have to see it to believe it. Along the same lines is the hit Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle”. It is based off the book of the same name and imagines a world where the Allies did not win WWII. Japan has control over Cali

For the Ultimate Girls Group, Even as Puppets: “That Golden Girls Show”

There are maybe a handful of shows that hold up to the test of time. Not because of the technology or other surface behaviors but because of the content, actors, writers, direction, etc. For me my two favorites are the Golden Girls and Law and Order (the original). I can watch either any time, any day, over and over again. I can have them on in the background just for noise or I can sit and watch intently like I have no idea what will happen next. The theme songs are the lullabies that help me drift off to sleep, the doink doink sound included. The Golden Girls seem to just get more popular as the years go on. Perhaps it has something to do with Betty White being a main stay in pop culture as she turns a thousand years old or whatever number she is up to now. That just makes me miss the other girls that much more. While the show was only on for seven seasons those shows have provided countless moments of tears, tenderness, and laughter. Oh the laughter. They are officially th

For Cincinnati Night in New York: "Edward’s"

            If you are free the last Monday evening of any month and you are looking for something unique to do for dinner than I suggest you visit Edward’s. Edward’s is located in Tribeca very close to a bar I like quit a lot ( ). I have been trying to get to Edward’s since that visit earlier this year but it took until November for me to get there. Story of my life, I know. Edwards opened in 2001, owner Edward Youkilis happens to also be part owner of Lucky Strike ( ) another place I like to visit quit a lot. Edward’s serves a pretty typical menu including salads, burgers, pizzas, just about anything you could ask for from a diner establishment. However on the last Monday of every month they add something quite unusual- it is an event called Cincinnati Night. I found out about through a friend so since she was the exp ert she was also my date that evening. When it came time to order I realized that it was unlikely I w

For a Mediterranean Brunch at “Barbounia”

Brunch is a particular meal to me. There really are no true brunch menu items. You are either eating eggs or a sandwich. I am not a huge breakfast fan so I tend to stay with the lunch-ish foods. So as long as there something I crave on a menu I don’t care what meal I am sitting down for. Since I have wanted to eat at Barbounia for about a million years ( ) I already had my meal picked no matter the day or time. About a year ago I was walking down the block when I first stumbled upon Barbounia and I just loved the look. It was nighttime and the lights seemed so inviting. It was that moment when I decided I had to dine there one day. Once I read the menu it became set in stone within my mind. Inside this place is even more glorious than I pictured. While there the environment is bustling but the design and layout provides a blissfully warm luxurious place to have a meal or a drink. It felt like a resort I had checked into and alread