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For Maple Budino, Pistachio Cake, and the Bigger Pants I Now Need: Brunch at "Locanda Verde"

Isn’t if funny how once you become aware of something you notice it all around you? It is like whatever you were looking for was under your nose this whole time and you weren’t paying attention. This is how I felt about Locanda Verde. Once I learned about it two years ago and decided I would like to go there, I heard about it, read about, and saw images of it, everywhere I turned- literally until I finally made it there a couple of weeks ago. It was my destiny. I was meant to eat at that restaurant and boy I am glad God was shining that light on me. Like I said I first decided to go to Locanda Verde in 2011 and that’s when I added it to my very first to-do list ( ).  Sadly it was still on my to-do list as of June of this year ( ).  But now it is

For the Love of a Blackbird: “Four and Twenty Blackbirds”

What is the best pie you have ever tasted? When I think of pies I automatically think of apple pies. I feel like they remind me of home, holidays, America, and everything you want in a pie. They are fruit filled but there is still a solid texture to them. Depending on the apple they can even have a bit of a bite to them. But my favorite part is always the filling, I just like to scoop it out and eat the warm apples in the gooey center. The crust doesn’t thrill me. I once even tried to bake my apples without the pie but it wasn’t as good. For some reason apples in apple pie come out better. Another great thing about apple pie is that although it is a dessert it is not too sweet. As I have mentioned before I am not a great lover of sugary things ( )  so when I find a dessert that I like and is easy to make I stick with it. Bu

For Fish and Chips

I will eat anything that is fried. I would probably eat my shirt if it were fried. Things just taste better that way. If you disagree you are just lying to yourself. This is why southerners are so polite and friendly, they are happy because they are eating fried chicken all of the time. I am happy just knowing it is in my future. Heck, I am happy knowing just where to go to get something that is fried, golden, crispy, and therefore ultimately delicious. I love all chips. Just hearing the word chip has me salivating all over myself. Now in the U.S.A. that usually means there is a Pringle or Doritos chip with my name on it. But make no mistake if I am going to eat a French fry instead there is no love lost there ( ). Now if you want to add a little culture to your fried treat you may want to treat yourself to something