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For a Bar That Finally Unites All That We Have in Common: “Hudson Common”

On March 19, 2013 it came in third on Zagat’s list of the must try beer bars in an article that appeared in Time Out New York Magazine. Right off the bat that is amazing. There are more bars than I can count in New York City and most of time you could live without them. Most I wish I hadn’t gone in, especially the bathrooms. Ugh. Well back to the pleasantness. Hudson Common was a bar I had never heard of and actually I had missed this article in the original running of this magazine. I find it ironic that I ended up going there anyway because I always have loved Time Out New York Magazine and it always recommends the same places I am interested in. This was a good sign of things to come. In this brief mention it is promoted as an indoor version of a beer garden with cool couches and furniture to hang out on and around. During the summer there is an outside patio and garden for a more backyard theme. On the inside there is a walk-up window where you can place

For Veterans: Mine, Yours, and Ours

Close your eyes and think of the most vulnerable time in your life. Try to imagine you are there again right now. Take in the same scents, sites, and sensations. How old were you? Where were you? Who were you with? How long did it last? How did you survive? If you or a loved one have served in the military for them the answers may not be so easy. They don’t get to leave those experiences at the door, so to speak, when they board a plane to come home. As is the same with everyone the experiences we have both good and bad shape who we become. They forever alter how we perceive the universe we live in and how we move on, those who are lucky enough to do so. In honor of Veteran’s Day I thought I would take the time to reflect back on the origins of this holiday and the importance of its creation and existence today. For many (myself included), it was just a day off from work or a great day to catch a sa

For a Prehistoric Meal” “Dinosaur Bar-B-Que”

It takes a lot for me to go out after work on a Friday night. If I have made it to work despite my migraine brain, and praise Jesus I did this week, I am usually exhausted and even though I am starving I would rather lay on the couch and order food just to eliminate me having to move. It is so tempting to just become a recluse and never leave the house again. I can so see the appeal in that lifestyle sometimes. So when I actually aim able and willing to go out it has to be worth it. It has to be a place I know will be good or a place I have always wanted to try and people I like are taking me there. Then it’s a win/win situation. I love those. Actually it becomes a win/win/win situation because I can also use it for a blog. Now I can’t ask for anything more. I mean I could but I will try to be flexible and roll with the punches here. Adam Gertler on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”, on the “Bar-B-Que” episode during season two brought the Dinosaur