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For My Madness During Migraine Awareness Month

Last weekend as I sat staring at the blank page in front of me, I was still surprised and elated that I had an entire day to myself and unlike past experiences it was filled with what I wanted when I wanted it. There were a few rough moments but when I consider the previous twelve hours (and the days to come) have been better than the last week. Especially this last week even though I had braced myself ahead of time, I just didn’t know I should have braced for a more serious episode. I am a chronic migraine sufferer for so many years I don’t quite remember when they started exactly which is ironic because I can remember every special event they have ruined. I remember plays or dinners I was at where I don’t remember what happened but I could tell you what I felt minute by minute. It amazing how the mind works, especially when it’s operated by a migraine brain. In the last few years, specifically the last few years since I have been going to the Montefiore Headac

For My Return to the Park: “Jurassic World”

The first time I saw Jurassic Park I was in the sixth grade and I went out with a new bunch of girlfriends for one of their birthdays. It was the first time I was going to the movies without a parent. It was so exciting it almost didn’t matter what we saw. It’s funny because I can picture us so clearly seeing each of our faces before, during, and after discussing it. I have very fuzzy memories from the rest of that year with these people but this is one that stuck. The second time I saw this movie I was on a family vacation. I remember not thinking it was so great, probably because I thought I was cool and had already gone alone, but I do know that my younger brother who was about six years old had nightmares for days. I’d love to know who the targeted demographic was because its like a kid/parent hybrid. Some of it is cheesy but most of it still works as I have re-watched it many times recently in preparation for the next saga in this series, Jurassic Wor

For the Birthplace of the Battle of Brooklyn: “Old Stone House”

Right next door to the Stone Park Café is a historical remnant of The Revolutionary War, specifically The Battle of Brooklyn (a.k.a The Battle of Long Island). It is situated at the far end of Washington Park and if you aren’t looking for it or walking right by it, you can miss it. It is very unassuming waiting for those who walk in to share its tale. This house played quite the role in the foundation of America. When it comes to history there are many areas of study I am interested in. When it comes to wars though I only have two favorites, The Civil War and right in front of that in the number one spot goes to: The Revolutionary War.   A while back I read David McCullough’s riveting book, 1776, and it made my attraction to this historic period grow by leaps and bounds. To realize the day-to-day, scratch that, hour-by-hour struggle of the soldier’s and those who led them are real. You know the real places they were, how awful the wea