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For a Wonderful Weekend in the Windy City Part V: Frank Lloyd Wright

If architects were rock stars then I would have a poster of Frank Lloyd Wright hanging in my bedroom. Instead what I have is a magazine rack by his design and a replica of the statute that exists on his home. Chicago is one of the premiere places in the world to experience everything that is Frank Lloyd Wright. Here you can learn about his life, family, and see his work up close and personal. It is even better than going to a museum because there are people still living in the homes he built and seeing them make the everyday seem so special. Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with launching the Prairie School style of architecture and here in Chicago you can visit his home, studio, and then go on a neighborhood tour. This house started out as a simple shingled cottage that Wright at twenty-two years old built for his bride Catherine in 1889. For Wright it was a work in progress that he remodeled constantly until 1911, even

For a Wonderful Weekend in the Windy City Part IV: Must Do Activities

In order to have a wonderful weekend in the windy city you must do all things that are wonderful. To me that means doing these next few activities once you are all done having fun on the Magnificent Mile. I had chosen to go to these places because for me they were essentially Chicago and something special the city has to offer. In each city you must find the places that speak to you. For instance all cities have zoos, aquariums, and natural history museums. But do you need to go to all of those places every time you go someplace new? I say no. Do your research first ( ) and figure out which cities have the best and most unique attractions of any kind and then seek them out. You need to know why you are spending precious time from your vacation doing something and be excited to be doing it in the first place. When visiting Chicago nothing is m