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For an Alluring Way to Eat Delicious Fish: "Lure Fishbar"

Since we are on the topic of birthdays and the 17 th is playing such an important number lets move on to another great date and that is January 17 th of this year. It was over a month ago and also happens to be the day I went to Lure Fishbar for the very first time. I had been longing to go to this restaurant for as long as I can remember. I remember Adam Richman of the Food Network mentioning it. I even remember a scene a few years ago on “Bethenny Getting Married?” where Bethenny Frankel and her good friend, and my imaginary friend, Hoda Kotb had a lunch there. While the point of that episode I am sure was not of the restaurant it is all that remains in my memory. I was so excited I still remember shouting at my TV “hey that’s the restaurant I wanted to go to!” But alas the scene was over. Lure has been just that to me. It has been luring me in, calling my name, entic