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For the Skinny on That Tiny House in Mamaroneck: “Seely’s Skinny House”

I visit Westchester County on a semi-regular basis. During my most recent trip a couple of months ago, my cousin showed me the skinniest house I have ever seen. It was so small if I had blinked I would have missed it. A few weeks later she emailed me with a link to let me know that this house was a landmark and also available for sale.  Though I have never actually entered inside this house, I have looked it up and seen what it looks like. It appears much larger than I would have guessed from how tiny it looks from the street. It includes many brilliant uses of space such as a built-in-book case. The house is only ten feet across in width and sits on a lot that is only twelve feet wide.  But was is most impressive about this house, has nothing to do with its size. It is its amazing history. The Skinny House, as it is called, was created by Nathan Seely for his family which included wife Lillian and two children. But this marvel use of space wasn’t always how the fami

For Find Out Friday - Why Do Our Socks Keep Running Away?

It happens without fail.  No matter how much care I take when doing laundry, I always manage to lose a sock.  It boggles the mind.  I thought this post would mostly result in a rant because surely there isn’t any actual research that could be done about losing socks, right? Wrong! Clearly many people have suffered this infuriating, albeit minor, problem and have had enough. Through all my research I learned a handful of helpful tidbits and thus will share it with you all now; as answering the universal questions of our lives is the whole point of Find Out Friday in the first place. First of all, socks were created by the Greeks in eight century B.C. Prior to this post it had never even occurred to me to look into their origin.  Secondly, it has been estimated (by people that take this topic much more serious than I do) that we lose about fifteen socks a year; which equates to over a thousand during our lifetimes.  Thirdly, there are many life hacks for a