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For a Taste of Turkey: "Taci's Beyti"

The same friend who recommended the Burger Bistro to me ( ) has  been longing to take me to his favorite Turkish restaurant in Brooklyn. After a million dates scheduled and rescheduled we FINALLY made it this week! I feel like I conquered Mount Kilimanjaro, you know in a much smaller, more of a mountain versus a mole hill kind of way. While I have never been to Turkey, I hear good things about Istanbul and had a professor in graduate school who was always pushing us to travel to that region, as if I could run their on a Thursday night. In his defense it was a political science course on the Middle East so let’s not split hairs. The best part of trying foods from cultures other than your own is that it is like traveling and you never had to pack.     I love that in Sunny Anderson’s new cookbook she says: “… .No one should have to move for

For a Rocketship and a Battleship All Rolled into One: “The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum”

I have been meaning to visit The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum for well over a year now. But sadly it has not been my fault. I was literally a week from going when New York City and the tri-state area were hit by Hurricane Sandy in the fall of 2012. Sandy was quite a minx and did quite a lot of damage. There are still large portions of lower Manhattan that are without power and/or have not been rebuilt. Some will never come back. Perhaps what I am saddest about is The South Street Seaport Museum. I had recently been there to see the Titanic exhibit in May 2012 ( ) and  had enjoyed it so. Hopefully if the museum cannot reopen many of the exhibits that can be saved will relocate to the Museum of The City of New York. Thus I was further disheartened once the dust had settled and the water retreated, and I realized my trip to th