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For This Year’s Blog Celebration: “Mario’s”

My blog turned eight years old on March 2nd of this year.   That day I did all of the things I really love. I spend a good portion of the day in the kitchen cooking recipes from Chrissy Teigen’s lastest cookbook. I did a bit of writing, and ended my day having a glass of wine with friends. It was picture perfect.  But as much fun as it was, that was no reason I couldn’t take my celebration on the road. So I did. My mother and I met up with a couple of our cousins in a place I have done a lot of writing about; Arthur Avenue. Arthur Avenue is a large thoroughfare in the Bronx where there seems to be nothing but classic Italian restaurants, shops, and bakeries.  I discovered the interesting history behind this legendary street when I wrote about it one Find Out Friday;  “Who Puts the Arthur in Arthur Avenue?  That made me all the more eager for my visit over the summer. During that visit I had lunch at Zero Otto Nove and then dessert at De Lillo Pasticceri

For My New Favorite Donuts: “Doughology”

This was a place I intended to share on my upcoming 2019/ 2020 to do list, but I got so hungry looking at their Instagram photos I couldn’t wait. I decided to pay a visit to “Doughology” before I had a chance to post my list. As per usual, my instincts were on point.  Doughology doesn’t only make and sell delicious donuts. It is also is proof that we should all follow our bliss. Doughology opened in 2016 in Lynbrook, New York, by the husband and wife team of Jackie and Chris Stiansen. Two years before this Jackie was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was with that life changing diagnosis that she decided to quit her job as a stock broker and pursue a much different, less stressful career path.  But Jackie wasn’t the only one who changed careers. Her husband Chris is now a retired police officer. The fact that a former cop now operates a donut shop is not lost on anyone who has previously written a review about Doughology. I think it was just fate. Thankfully J