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For Find Out Friday - Week 48 What Are the Answers to the Two Most Burning Questions All Pizza Lovers Have?

Pizza has been on my mind lately. Actually it is always on my mind. I love it so. As a t-shirt I saw once said: “Pizza is the best”. It really is, even the crappy kind. The first question I think we pizza lovers need the answer to is: “why are all pizza boxes square even when you order a round pie”? I asked my mother this question and she suggested this as a Find Out Friday topic. So here we are. Honestly I didn't think I would find any info out online about this topic but God bless Google as they provide us with an abundance of useless knowledge.  The basic answer is because its cheaper. Square boxes are made from one sheet of cardboard and bonus they can be stored flat all stacked up. Easy Peasy. But once you know why pizza boxes are square don't you want to know why pizza slices are triangular? Well, that too is pretty easy to answer. Triangles are the easiest way to divide up a circular object. Duh. In case anyone else was wondering, Sicilian a.k.a.

For an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe: “OddFellows”

Since Will and Grace made their triumphant return to t.v. tonight, I thought I would reference one of my favorite episodes from the original series in my title. If you do not know to which I refer, please refer to season three. Though it is now officially fall it hasn't much felt like it lately. If anything I feel like it is getting hotter, but climate change isn't real. Debating that only makes me hot in the face. But when you are trying to stay cool one of the very best ways is with the right snack. The snack all children in my neighborhood craved as soon as we heard the jingle coming from the Good Humor truck. Why it is ice cream, of course! Ice cream is not my personal go to snack though. I have always preferred ice, even from the ice cream truck, something my mother always protested. I believe the reason is that I do not have a sweet tooth. Rather I am a “salt”. Foods like popcorn, chips, and pizza belong in my wheelhouse twenty-four hours a day. 

For the Love of Art Within the Walls of Architecture: “Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit at MOMA”

Sure I love Chicago. But I also love the architecture there. A large part of that is because of Frank Lloyd Wright. This Chicagoan created The Prairie School style of architecture. The Prairie School is also known as organic architecture meaning that design followed the surrounding environment, a.k.a. “form follows function”.  To my knowledge no other architect had more influence over any of his projects than the way FLW did. He not only created the buildings and homes for his clients, he also designed furniture, light fixtures, and windows. He wanted clean lines not clutter in “his homes” even though he wasn't the one that lived in them. He was very particular on what he saw for each property sometimes despite the budget or even what was asked of him.  Wright once said: “to thus make of a dwelling place a complete work of art… this is the modern American opportunity.” I have to say of all his creations that I have been lucky enough to see in person, I cou