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For a "Brand New" Concert Experience: "Alicia Keys at the Barclays Center"

As I’ve mentioned before ( ), my  first concert of the year was one I had been waiting for. It was going to fulfill my need to see one of the best entertainers on the planet and also a personal need to hear the music that is so important in my life. ( ) Another exciting aspect was that I was going to finally go to the brand new Barclays Center. This arena has been all the hype since it opened in October 2012. The very first show was Barbra Streisand’s “Back to Brooklyn” tour. People came from all over the country to see her first show in many years and the new arena was waiting with open arms. Since then, anyone I knew that has gone to a show there has bragged about how clean it was

For the Lone State Legend and Her Lincoln Center Luminary: "Ann on Broadway"

A is for the Actress who portrays this magnificent former Governor N is for the Nomination Holland Taylor should receive from the Tony Board N is for the Noble woman Ann Richards was and the legacy she leaves behind I am sitting here agonizing over how it all started. I know I read something but was there a picture or a video too? Or was it a show I caught late at night randomly? I know that I did not seek it out; I know this story found me and once it did it only took mere seconds for me to realize I would follow it day and night until it came my way. For there was no way it was going to come to New York on the Broadway stage and I would not be a part of one of the first very few audiences to see it. I knew that I had to meet Holland Taylor and my first course of action was to immediately find her on Twitter. Did I say find? Well it went like this: find, follow, fan for life. A major draw at first