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For the City of Brotherly Love, Benjamin Franklin, and Betsy Ross's House: Attractions

What are the things that attract you to your destinations? When you travel for leisure what activities are you looking for? As we have seen during this series, food is always on my list. But I also enjoy history and visiting places that no other city experience will give me. I will be discussing the many wonderful historic regions of Philadelphia in the next post. For now I want to delve into all that draws me to this city and sometimes back to the same attractions. Let’s begin with the LOVE Statute in J.F.K. Park You have probably seen a picture of this sign at least once in your life. I have seen this particular sign in person more than once. Each time I am still thrilled by the visual and want to keep clicking the buttons on my camera. I have even seen it decorated for the holidays. Either way it is still impressive and draws large crowds. I have just learned recently that many cities aroun

For the City of Brotherly Love, Benjamin Franklin, and Betsy Ross's House: Snacks

Although I love a good meal there are snacks that take the act of eating to a whole new level. Sure you might be hungry but you don’t have to be to have a snack. That’s what I like best about it, especially one that you have been dreaming about. Vacation snacking combines two things I love to do. Throw in a picture or two during and that just about describes my ideal day. Here are some amazing snacks I have had in Philadelphia. I wonder which will grab your taste buds attention. Max Brenner Max Brenner’s restaurant is also known as "The Chocolate Restaurant". This place is a great location to have a snack, share a meal, and especially to have dessert. The first time I ever had been to one was in Philadelphia. The location is great and creates an atmosphere of fun. The signature desserts they serve have created a word of mouth so that whenever you hear the name Max Brenner, you automatically crave sweet treats.  A