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For the love of the theater and what it means to me

In 2008 Vogue magazine, there was an interview with Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a. Harry Potter). He was talking about his Broadway experience while performing a lead role in the play Equus. He said: “A great play goes beyond anything a film can achieve because you know that you’ve seen something special, something that people of future generations won’t see…its like a live concert- it happened once, and you were there.” I just love this. I torn it out immediately and every time I reread it I love it even more. It’s EXACTLY how I feel when I go to the theater. The magic that is in the air and knowing that what you are seeing is a unique experience no matter how long it’s been performed. And when it’s over and all I have left are the memories, the thought of being there, closing my eyes and remembering what I saw on stage and what I felt while watching it always brings a smile to my face. Hearing the soundtrack on my ipod brings be back to those places also. Some days it’s all I need t

For the thrill of victory

Last night was typical for me. I spent 2+ hours in a room watching 5 A-list celebrities work their magic and then I got to meet them afterwards. That Championship Season stars Chris Noth, Brian Cox, Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Patric and Jim Gaffigan. The play centers on a coach and 4 of his star high school basketball players as they celebrate a reunion and relive the seasons for which the play is named. The story takes place in 1972 and the set design is incredible. This coach’s house seems so real I wish I lived there. It was a brilliant use of lighting, direction, and even personal belongings that creates the intimate but spacious setting for these characters. Act I was fast paced, serious, funny and intriguing. When intermission came we had only been there for 45 minutes and it felt like 15. Now with celebrity packed casts Act I is always exciting because you are waiting for the main entrance of the star who drew you into this event. Then there is the thrill of watching them

For directions to “A Place of Yes”

Former NYC housewife and reality TV star Bethenny Frankel is at the height of her game.  Her new book came out today and it's geared towards teaching others what she has learned from all of her struggles while trying to achieve success. "A Place of Yes" describes the journey, both good and bad, to the happiness she has attained recently. It is more than a self help book. It is a change yourself or rather change your mindset book. In order to get whatever you want in life, you need to work towards it. But sometimes when things are going backwards instead of forwards, just thinking "Yes, I will continue to fight for the life I want and deserve!" does more than you know. Whether you are a fan or not there is no denying how ‘real’ she is in person and how genuinely she believes in her message and wants others to benefit from her experiences. These lessons learned took the first half of a lifetime and now we can all reap the benefits. To find a book signin

For those who need to know its “Gonna Be Alright”

Have you ever had such a bad day where you just needed to hear that everything was gonna to be alright? Lyrics like these can be life saving: I think the only thing that’s keeping me alive Is a good cup of coffee, and “Songs In The Key of Life”, but I know… Hey hey hey Everything’s gonna be alright Everything’s gonna be alright It’s all right Hey hey hey Everything’s gonna be alright Everything’s gonna be alright It’s all right…….                                                          And I’m thinkin’ I take it all too seriously It may be easier than it seems Maybe I’m the one who makes it hard That’s all well and good but that doesn’t fix my car And it doesn’t keep the lights on when I’m eating in the dark but I know…. I think the only thing that’s keeping me alive Is knowing that it works out It just takes a little time, but I know… Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing Recently I found this inspiration and it all comes from one Levi Kreis. Tony Awar

For those who enjoy being part of the Rhythm Nation

Janet Jackson is back on tour and performing to nearly sold- out crowds at Radio City Music Hall in NYC.   Her latest tour, Number Ones Up Close and Personal, was promoted as a blast from the past, with all of Janet’s hits that you love to sing along to.   And while it was great to hear all the old school jams, there were some lets say issues with the evening. For instance, the group Mindless Behavior opened for her. They lasted only about 15 minutes before being booed off the stage.   They were too loud and young for the crowd that came to see Janet. After they left the audience had to wait almost an hour for Janet to make her appearance. The crowd was totally pumped and shaking the venue with their dancing but every time things got to a fevered pitch, Janet left the stage for what I call intermission. While she was off changing her outfit into a slightly similar one, we were left watching clips of her various television performances over the years. Janet also appeared to

For those who want to learn to stalk properly

While I am sure most of you have not been called a stalker, for me the odds are a bit higher. I know it sounds bad, but it’s a title I take with great pride. After all it has been years in the making and in order to do it successfully it takes a great deal of work. I always say I should be working for the FBI.   Now don’t get the wrong idea I am not stalking exes or hiding in the bushes. Rather I am just a determined woman who likes to set a goal and see it accomplished. My most common method of this so-called stalking, is tracking down celebrities at events or after plays. I have to say I am quit good at it and have established a collection of signed playbills and other memorabilia.   It is one of the greatest joys of my life. I get such a high after meeting someone who talents I so admire. Now I have to admit I doubting share my secrets but if I kept them to myself what kind of queen would I be? Below are my stalking commandments: For Events or Tickets 1.      When in pursuit o