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For Fried Chicken with a Side of Pie: "Hill Country Chicken"

I am going senile in my old age. Ok maybe in my young age. There are details I can remember with such clarity that it is scary, like what I was wearing in my first dance recital at age three. But now I struggle to remember why or how something is on my to-do list. The kicker is it has been there for two years, first appearing in 2012 ( ), and then again in 2013 ( ) so it must be important.   I vaguely remember reading something about it or perhaps looking it up after seeing it on television. I mean let’s be honest it has to be one or the other, right? That’s my pattern. At any rate I ended up on the yellow brick road and this time it brought me to an establishment I apparently have been longing to visit. I was at Hill Country Chicken in the Empire State. Emerald City, Empire State, is there somethin

For Gigi; My Inspiration in Breaking through Bridesmaid Behavior Barriers

Kids really do say the darnedest things. It is amazing how they can point out something so obvious, something you even have previously questioned, and then makes you seem like an idiot for not having an answer at the ready for them. Such is the case with my little cousin and me just a month or so ago. My little cousin is three, almost four years old but acts more like she is three going on forty-five. She is adorable and wise beyond her years. The things that come out her mouth crack me up and leave me speechless. None more so than when I was a bridesmaid in a wedding for another, I should mention age appropriate, cousin of ours. When someone we are close to first gets engaged it’s an exciting time. We are happy for them, sharing in their celebrations, and maybe even in early wedding planning. If you are me you are also involved in the taking the engagement photo shoot for the save-the -dates.

For a Mama That Asks 'How You Doin?' “Chicago” on Broadway staring Wendy Williams

After a meal like I had at Locanda Verde (see previous blog) where does one go? Well if you are me you go to see Wendy Williams. Yep that Wendy Williams, former radio host, television talk show star, bestselling author, and now a Broadway actress. She is playing Matron Mama Morton in Chicago the musical on Broadway for several weeks this summer. So if you know what’s good for you, you will get there before her last show on August 11 th . This is how Wendy told her audience the big news. Wendy Williams and I go way back. So far back in fact that I have no idea of a time when I wasn’t aware of her. She was a disc jockey (anyone under thirty may have to look that up) on my go to radio station Hot 97. I remember it like it was yesterday although it was like fifteen years ago, which is depressing. More so is that back in my day we listened to the radio and the cool thing to do was to keep blank cassette tapes in your c.d./tape stere