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For Find Out Friday - Why Does My Pizza Come with a Table?

Every Friday is like Groundhog Day  in my house. Thank God.  Meaning that I celebrate a weekly holiday that I created called #pizzaFriday.  Yes, I usually eat pizza every Friday and have long before I started sharing that tidbit on social media.  Pizza is my most favorite food and I can always get one to fit my mood. In recent years it seems that the world has also jumped on the pizza bandwagon and there are pizzas with literally any toppings you can dream up.  So every week, after making the agonizing decision about where to order or pick-up pizza from, my next greatest challenge is trying to squeeze all that deliciousness into the perfect photo.  But before I can attempt to capture the wonder that will be my meal, I have to remove the white plastic table like object stuck in the center of my pizza.  It annoys me every time.  When I was little I use to take them, wash them, and use them as actual tables in my Barbie’s house. I was always ver