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For “BIG Gay Ice Cream”

If you are a regular follower of mine you can probably guess what I am about to say. Scratch that. Even if you have read two or three of my food blogs you can guess where I am headed. That is right folks; I am going to talk about my favorite television show of all time “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. To be truthful until I started writing this all down I didn’t realize how much of an influence it had over my life. Sure I watch every week even if it’s a repeat. Yes I look up any restaurant in any city I might be interested in. Of course it then goes immediately on my to-do list and I closely monitor said list until I can proudly cross it off, blog about it, and move on. Ok this might border more on addiction than fan behavior. But I can’t help it. Lord knows the boring stuff I would be eating without their help. Plus I share and help spread their message of amazing eats. It is what separates us from the animals. This is how I foun

For "The Music of My Soul": "Memphis" on Broadway

Oh Memphis where to begin. Well I shall start at the beginning I suppose. Memphis opened on Broadway in 2010 and received the Tony Award for Best Musical that year. Naturally I saw it for the first time shortly after that awards show had aired. I was already intrigued by the story of this city in the 1950’s, the music, and of course at the center our two main characters, one white, one black as they fall in love during this era. Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan wrote the music and lyrics and as a long time fan of that band I insistently knew it would be incredible. The music in a musical after all is central. It is what keeps you interested, tells the story, and what you should be feeling. My heart starts racing immediately when I close my eyes and replay the music in my head of Memphis. It is that intense and so is the show. I have seen many, many shows more than once. It is probably easier to count the plays I have only seen once; they would probably fit on

For "Butter" That Can't Be Beat

Well another one bites the dust. I can cross Butter off my 2012 to do list! ( ) I have finally gone to this restaurant that I have been dreaming about for years on end. Although the thing about a good meal is once you have had it, you crave it daily. At this point I miss it more and more each day. I am hoping that writing it down will get it out of my system. Revisiting the pictures doesn’t help much though. As anyone who watches the Food Network will know, Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is a genius. This is my favorite recipe from “Alex’s Day Off”:   for what else but butter! She creates some of the best recipes you will ever eat and shares her favorite tips and places to go on several different shows. I first saw her on “Best Thing I Ever A

For Creative Ice Cream Sandwiches: “Coolhaus”

When I was a kid, I could tell summer was approaching by one very specific sound, the bell of the ice cream truck. I could hear it from blocks away and all the kids on my block could count down to when it was close enough to ours so that we had enough time to go and beg for money from our parents. We had such a good system in place that we knew one kid stopped and held the truck from leaving the block until everyone was back waving their dollar in hand to collect their treats. Once victory was ours there was no better feeling. It was the moment we waited for all day. Then about two hours later once it was dark, poor Mister Softee would drive by but that never had as much appeal as being able to score a Bubble O’Bill or Fat Frogg off a truck that had Good Humor products. I also remember eating an ice that was shaped like a vampire and turned my mouth all red and black. I still miss those products and search for them in vein. Today’s gene

For the Secret Life of a Spy: “The Spy Exhibit”

Have you ever had an urge to spy on someone? Have you ever uttered that expression: “I wish I could be a fly on the wall”? I certainly have and probably on a regular basis.  I would love to learn people’s secrets especially those of my enemies. But I am not wiling to risk my life for it, even though it is apparently a very lucrative business. As I have mentioned before ( ) I have an affinity for Travel Channel host Don Wildman and his show “Mysteries at the Museum”.   It combines my four passions: travel, museums, history, and of course Don! I learn of places I want to visit and even sometimes of things I have missed at the places I have been. Since each episode is a jumble of topics and locations, I never know what I am going to see next. That is the best part. Well that, and I did I mention Don? Ok we will get back to him later. In