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For BBQ "Blue Smoke" Style

Whenever I like something, I really like something. My enthusiasm cannot be hidden. I want to brag about it to anyone I see and show them my pictures. Now that I have this blog I mostly try to save my best descriptions for my writing. I feel that if I share too much in person I won’t have enough zest for reporting back on my blog. There are only a few rare experiences that I can get all heated up talking about no matter how many times I rave about them. Blue Smoke in New York City is definitely one of them. About three or four years ago I went to Blue Smoke in their original Flatiron location, which at that time was their only location. I had read many great things about them and I was so looking forward to going there. I was there with my family and we were going to celebrate Father’s Day. My father absolutely loves fried chicken and can eat it any day of the week. I was interested in seeing how good their corn bread, chicken fried steak, creamed

For Exploring Medieval Europe: "The Cloisters"

When you think about climbing to one of the highest points in Manhattan what comes to mind? Surely it’s a skyscraper. Maybe, the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building? Those are definitely on the list. But I have recently learned also on the list of natural locations that are also one of the highest points in northern Manhattan is the Cloisters, a place I have been wanting to visit ( ). The Cloisters are now owned and operated in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although they are not physically right near one another, there are similarities. While the museum has many collections of various kinds of objects from many eras, the Cloisters too share a history of art, culture, and artifacts. You get to move about this large castle like structure viewing these items all while transcending time and space. Since you are not in a stuffy

For Jonathan Larson and All of the “Seasons of Love” He Has Given Me: “RENT Off Broadway”

A stranger has given me the greatest gift of my life. After the gift of birth and air, the next most important thing in this world is learning how very precious and wonderful the gift of life truly is. Some wander around and never find out how lucky they are or how much they are loved. Some people never realize that you should not count the heartache or even cups of coffee you have but rather “measure your life in love.” After a former friend in college introduced me to this gift I have never ever let it go. I feel it is my mission to share it with the world. I am not alone in this notion. I normally don’t burst into tears typing my blog titles but that is what just happened thirty seconds ago. I couldn’t even open my eyes, tears were frozen in mid-air. My eyes were squeezed shut as if I were holding them in because the emotion was too much, but too wonderful all at once when I realized what the title should be. Names and titles have always been

For Dinner Under a "Palm"

I love palm trees. I love the way they sway in the breeze. I love their shape. But mostly I love what they represent to me; vacation. Since palm trees are not native to New York I only see them when I am away. I love being on vacation especially to gorgeous places that have palm trees. Those types of vacations are to relax and have some fun in the sun. For those of you interested in a little bit of trivia, it is worth noting that there is only one block in Los Angeles that has palm trees. So when you see them in a movie or in a television show, it is the same block being filmed over and over again. Just a little something I learned when I visited Hollywood a few years ago. Now I have a brand new association for the world palm and it is something I love just as much as vacation: food. For the last night of New York City’s Summer Restaurant Week 2012 I went to the Palm Restaurant. It was yet another item crossed off my much talked abo