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For the Creative Comedy of Our Culture: “Saturday Night Live The Exhibition”

There are many reasons I love living in New York. Sometimes I forget these reasons while I am battling a long commute, getting stuck in the rain, or shoving tourists out of my way so I can cross the street before the light changes. During my regular life I may seem like I am taking New York City for granted but deep down I am a huge fan of my concrete jungle. Although my future life plans include spending half the year in other cities I love, perhaps even a foreign one, I know I will always have a home in N.Y.C. I will always have to be here to indulge in the many cultural and edible riches. It will remain a base for my family and friends. No matter what appeals to me about other places I always seek to bring that back to my slice of the big apple. There is no way I could imagine living my life without ever having a presence in my city of origin. It provides much of what my soul needs and thrives on. One of the mo

For My Father's Birthday, Bring On the Fried Chicken: "Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken"

They had me as soon as I saw their Instagram page. Late at night when I am about to go to bed I have this terrible habit of scrolling through all of my social media. Instagram is a favorite especially because I can keep up with pop culture without reading. This is a HUGE plus when I am having a migraine, which is more often than not. I cannot think of a food that does not appear to glow on Instagram. If anything I feel like this medium has reintroduced me to what it means to take foodie photos. Something ordinary can appear so extraordinary that I begin to drool and frantically search for the restaurant where my new obsession is. The only downer, and it’s a big one, is when people do not indicate the name or even city where they are located thus increasing my anxiety. Once I see something I want I need to begin to plan my way there as soon as physically possible. That being said, it was during one of those nights when a glori