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For "Sylvia's, the Queen of Soul Food Restaurant"

Is there anything better than eating a salty food alongside a sweet food? No there isn’t. It is like the ying and yang of meals. For every bite there is an equal and opposite taste. You won’t need to eat another thing, although by the next day you will be craving this meal again I guarantee it. Sylvia’s is a staple of New York City and more specifically of Harlem where it has grown from a local restaurant to notoriety among the tourists who seek it out. I have been thinking of going for many years and I am sorry to say that when it’s creator, Mrs. Sylvia Woods passed away this summer on July 19, that was when my mission took on a feel of urgency. This iconic restaurant has been in business fifty years and that is a tribute to the legacy it has created. Over the years the restaurant expanded both in size, and by word and mouth. Recently many loyal and local visitors feel that the quality of

For "The First Step to Freedom" Abraham Lincoln's Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation

It is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Perhaps that is why I am so fascinated with it. As much as I am looking forward to the future, especially in my own life, I am constantly looking back. I have a fascination with history and historic artifacts. It is almost incomprehensible that these events actually took place and we still have many relics from so long ago. When it comes to American history my favorite topics include our founding fathers ( ),  particularly presidents. I want to see their keepsakes in museums, their houses, and even where they are buried. That one huge mansion that everyone after John Adams has shared has been the one giant goal in my mind’s eye.   For security purposes and for my hopes of getting to visit in the future (despite the anonymity of this blog)

For a Show About Nothing? Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater

Do you have a neighbor that constantly bursts into your apartment? Does he constantly eat your food and comment on your everyday life? What do you and your friends talk about? Would you consider that “nothing”? When I think about “nothing” that pretty much includes everything. It appears Jerry Seinfeld agrees with me. Jerry Seinfeld leapt from performing in nightly comedy shows into international fame when his show premiered in 1990. It was on every week for nine years. When the show was on I don’t remember watching it constantly. Now that it is on almost any channel on any time you please in syndication, I believe that I am just about all caught up. As with most things in my life, Seinfeld being no exception, I have found myself finding more and more references to what I am thinking about and what topic I am writing about next. Since I have had this in mind for a couple of weeks, I have had it on the brain. I have found myself uttering a