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For Quiche to Die For: Bouchon Bakery

After a taping of Anderson there was only one place to go: Bouchon Bakery. It was also in the Time Warner Center, one floor above the studio. This restaurant has been in my NYC folder as a place to cross off my list for quite a while now. This will come as no surprise but it was also on The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Guilty Pleasures. On the show Donatella Arpaia recommended the Quiche Lorraine.   I know Donatella has amazing taste because I adore her restaurant in NYC called “Mia Dona.” If you go, get the meatball appetizer.   They are better than homemade! But lets get back to the Bouchon Bakery. The menu changes regularly and on the day I went the Quiche Lorraine was not an option. Instead there was a quiche that was made of blue cheese and leaks. It came with a side mesclun salad. I had no idea if I would like it but I ordered it anyway. My companion ordered the turkey club sandwich that was a special and came with homemade chips. I am not trying to be dramatic wh

For Anderson

Once upon a time (a.k.a. last Friday) a young blogger’s dreams came true. I got to attend one of the first tapings of Anderson Cooper’s new daytime show “Anderson.” As anyone that knows me or reads my work can tell you, my love for Anderson Cooper has no limits. Besides the obvious fact that he is adorable, he is my hero. He was born into a family of privilege and despite many tragedies he endured as a young child, he has gone on to change lives. Including mine. Anderson Cooper goes to war zones and reports on injustices. He fights for the truth and is always “keeping them honest.” He tells politicians the things we only wish we had the opportunity to. After I read his book “Dispatches From the Edge”, I learned how his personal life shaped his future. He told the unforgettable story of how his mother encouraged him to follow his bliss when deciding on his future. That might be some of the best advice I have ever heard. This is when I became interested in Gloria Vanderbilt

For What to Watch This Fall

The passing of the Labor Day holiday means two things: the end of summer and the return of our favorite television shows! As excited as I am to continue following my favorites, there are several new shows that have caught my attention and this fall season appears to be hotter than ever. Get ready to set your DVRs. New Series Coming to Television (and possibly our hearts) Anderson, CW11 on September 12 th at 4pm. No one is more excited than I for my beloved Anderson Cooper to have two shows!! I CANNOT wait to be a member of his studio audience. This is not a show to be missed! Up All Night, NBC September 14 th at 10 pm. This commercial is hysterical. The show looks so funny and smart. The premise is so elementarily I am sure anyone will relate and find humor in the situation. Whitney, NBC September 22 nd at 9:30 pm. Once again, another brilliant commercial. It is so funny after seeing it the first time I immediately decided to tune in. These must be the same writers of t

For the Story of the Shirelles

When it comes to Broadway sometimes I feel like I have heard and seen it all. I can never imagine what stories there still are to be told. I absolutely love when I am surprised and intrigued by a new show especially when it is a true story. These types of plays combine two things I love: true stories and the theater. Nowadays it is popular for Broadway shows to portray real life musicians especially of the 1950’s and 1960’s (i.e. Jersey Boys, Million Dollar Quartet).  The hurdle in this type of show is that it has to attract and impress crowds of all ages; fans of that generation as well as that of current generations who have never heard of these musicians before. Therefore the story has to be dramatic, captivating, with music you want to sing and dance to, and of course that big final happy ending. With the case of real artists we know how it ended: they became so famous someone wrote a play based on their life. Baby It’s You tells the story of New Jersey homemaker Flore

For a Blog’s Six Month Anniversary

Yesterday was our anniversary. It was six months to the day since I posted my first entry on this blog. I have to say it has flown by. I thought I would use this time for reflection. Before I started this blog, people had been telling me to for years. Family and friends kept on suggesting it. I kept brushing it off because honestly it didn’t seem like something I would do. What would I say? What would I write about? It turns out there was plenty. After my first week, I had a panic attack. Would there be a day when I would have nothing left to say? Apparently that answer is no. I currently have an enormous list of what I plan to write about based on my scheduled activities, past experiences, future plans, seasons, and overall information. Even this post was on my list. I feel about this blog the way a new parent feels about a newborn. I am often exhausted, low on funds, breathlessly proud to show it off, and ultimately I do not remember my life without it. It has served as a way