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For the Best Damn Bagel in Brooklyn: “Bagel Hole”

I have found the best bagel in Brooklyn. No really I have. It is the best bagel I have tasted and I dream of it consistently now. I stumbled across this gem partly by accident, partly by luck. A few days before an appointment I had in that neighborhood an article caught my eye. On a list of the best of the best bagels places in Brooklyn, Bagel Hole was all the rage. My proximity to the location on the day I visited gave me the push to visit. The name couldn’t be more perfect. It is certainly quite a “hole’”. As I looked for it I still had to use my phone GPS guide to tell me I was in front of it before I could even realize that I was. It is the tiniest, bare bottoms store I have ever seen. Part of the reason is that the majority of the store is where the bagels are being made. In fact there really isn’t a store at all. There are a few refrigerators selling cold drinks and a cash register in front. A few faded signs hang and that is it. I was the only one in there at

For Finding the “Pride” in Oneself

I have been meaning to write this for a year now. I started it and of course got distracted during the course of time. But now the timing couldn’t be better, literally as it is Gay Pride weekend here in New York City. This year the three grand marshal’s of the gay pride parade are: Jazz Jennings from her TLC show, Subhi Nahas a Syrian refugee, and Cecilia Chung an AIDS activist. The weekend kicks off with a rally honoring the Stonewall riots, with many more performances, vigils, and activities leading up to the parade. Last year’s parade had eighty floats and over three hundred participants of all kinds. It was the largest celebration since the tradition began in 1970 (a year after the riots at the Stonewall Inn). Yesterday I decided to look up the word “pride” in the dictionary. I found that it is defined as: ·    A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own accomplishments, or ·    A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self-respect.

For Fun on Forty Second Street: “B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill”

As popular as B.B. Kings Blues Club and Grill is I have never been there until recently. There were many times I wanted to go like when MaryMary was playing there but one thing or another didn’t work out. I was more surprised than anybody when the event that finally lured me to this venue was a cover band I had never heard of before, The Rolling Tones. The Rolling Tones are a cover band performing the legendary hits created by their idol The Rolling Stones. Before we continue on though I have to make a confession. I am not a Rolling Stones fan. They are before my time. I am sure I would recognize a song or two but I definitely wasn’t going to be singing along like it was my job. Thankfully it wasn’t. B.B. Kings it turns out is a pretty cool venue. For this performance we were downstairs and happen to score the last couple of seats along the two sided, lounge like couch with spaces that are on either side of the stage. We were on stage left closest to t

For Food on Forty Second Street: “Chevy’s Fresh Mex”

Mexican food is a love of mine. I crave rice and beans, guacamole and sour cream on a regular basis. Satisfying this urge can be harder than you think. There are so many restaurants out there that are disappointing and there is nothing more depressing than attempting to get what you want and leave empty handed. The last time I had a proper Mexican meal was this past December on my birthday ( ). It sure hit the spot to say the least. This time I went back to an old haunting ground that I haven’t visited since I was in college. It was just like I remembered. Chevy’s has had a location in the heart of Times Square on forty-second street for as long as I remember. It is a nice spot right on the corner that you can see for miles in either direction. The Port Authority and subways are conveniently close by as well as several parking lots. Nowadays there are more than

For a Pop-Up Sandwich Shop That Pays Homage to My Favorite Movie: “2Yutes”

    In 1992 My Cousin Vinny was released. I remember watching it at home for the very first time. The acting, writing, everything is all incredible. I know that because I can watch it over and over again and still laugh out loud without missing a beat. It is one of my all time favorite movies and I am a tough customer. The title of location where I had my latest meal comes directly from my favorite movie. I am not going to lie that was definitely apart of why I wanted to go. They had my full attention. For those still in the dark, this clip will explain to you what a “yute” is. Please watch until the end. As a fellow Brooklynite I don’t believe I have ever used this term but I did understand what he meant when I saw the film. This movie MAY have exaggerated our Brooklyn accents, love of Chinese food, and flare with fashion, but I think it was “dead on balls” accurate. It’s the little things that make us all unique. So when I came across an article on Brooklyn Ba