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For Find Out Friday Week 27- Did Romy and Michele Really Create Post-it Notes?

I know three things about Minneapolis, Minnesota. One: It is the home of Rose Nylund. Two: The Mall of America is there. Three: It is where Post-it Notes were born. In the 1997 comedy “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion”, the girls use Post-it Notes as their claim to fame in order to impress their former high school classmates. Needless to say it doesn’t work. Unfortunately they were about twenty years too late. But whoever did invent them was a genius. They have certainly transformed my life. I use them daily as reminders and as indicators to mark my territory, mostly in the refrigerator. As luck would have it I was sitting down tonight trying to catch up with my DVR and I was watching last week’s episode of “Mysteries at the Museum”, a must watch show for me. As I was listening and working this topic appeared before my eyes. Talk about good timing!!! As host Don Wildman and the Internet informed me, this creation all began with a chemist named

For Find Out Friday Week 26- Why Do Blessings Feel the Need to Wear Disguises?

      There are certain phrases we rely on to get us through tough times. Phrases that we hope will bring us comfort and make some sense out of situations when there is no logic, only grief. As per usual I want to decipher the origin of such phrases in hopes of obtaining a deeper understanding why they continue to be crutches for our emotional well being. As an avid fan of the Golden Girls the character of Sophia Petrillo perfectly delivers many lines. One of the most famous and funny is the one in the photo above. It is is so popular in fact that while trying to locate the history of this idiom the most common responses were from that show. After a few hours of research without finding serious answers it no longer seemed to amuse me. Finally I was able to crack the case. For those that don’t know “A Blessing in Disguise” is defined as “something good that isn’t recognizable at first”.  Hence the confusion of why something that is positive needs to surface only a

For the Whirlwind of Another Weekend in the Windy City……..What We Did

Have you ever gone to a place you love so much that the simple act of reviewing photos of past trips simultaneously bringing you joy and the angst to return? I get these pangs from time to time and they come from a handful of places. Chicago is at the very top of that list. I love Chicago. It is that simple. I have said as much at the very beginning of my first blog about The Second City ( ). This love has only grown stronger since my most recent visit about a year ago. That weekend was extra special because I was showing my brother around a place I love as we jointly celebrated our December birthdays. On my birthday a vacation is always my first inclination as a way to celebrate, it the gift that keeps on giving. When returning to a place I love there is a whole other level of happiness as I revisit the places I love to eat at, streets I yearn to roam, and this time to show my sibling how easy Chicago is to fall in love with. For this brief tr