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For Find Out Friday - How Did Botox Transform From a Vehicle of Vanity to a Life Saving Medicine?

Botox has saved my life.  Literally.  I have been on it for years. How many? I don’t know offhand.  What I do know is that it is easier to remember how much worse off I was without it.  Beginning in 2011 I was taking upwards of twenty-five preventative medications daily just in an attempt to prevent a migraine attack. That doesn’t include an additional three to six pills once the dreaded migraine presented itself.  Yes, despite all of my best efforts at prevention the pain still came and getting rid of it took days - if I was lucky. If I wasn’t, it took weeks. At my worst I ended up in the ER. It was beginning to look like I was going to end up in the hospital for an unspecified amount of time.  With nothing to loose my doctor, a neurologist who is also a headache specialist at Montefiore Medical Center, suggested nerve blocking shots. They were nine shots right into the skull. I was hesitant but went for it. It hurt like hell and guess what? Yep, I sti

For Grover; the President, Not the Puppet: “Grover Cleveland’s Birthplace”

In spite of the hell the last presidential election ( ) brought upon our country, I am still a fan, an admirer really of the office of the president. I find the men (and hopefully women someday) who uphold this office to be rather impressive. Whether or not we are of the same political party, I can still have appreciation for those who built themselves up in order to achieve the highest position in the land. The drive, strength, and smarts it takes are all qualities I hope to also possess and use for the greater good. My current annual to do list ( ) included the birthplace of a man and former president I needed to get better acquainted with; Grover Cleveland. Prior to this visit I have to admit I knew precious little about this man who presided over our country for two non-consecutive terms, a stat he exclusively holds. This visit was therefore very different from my visits to the former homes of FDR (