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For My 38th Birthday

I feel loved.  Actually more than just loved. I am overcome with feelings of love, happiness, and peace.  Feeling loved and being loved are the greatest gifts one can ever hope to receive in this world. It is that love that feels your soul and allows you to be able to love on others, thus bringing happiness and joy into someone else’s life. Love is what makes a good life possible. This week I turned thirty-eight and while I can hardly believe my new number, I am feeling so grateful to be in THIS place in my life.  Last year was an extremely emotional one for me as I was dealing with some serious growing pains. I learned a lot of hard lessons and in the process learned some very important things about myself.  If I am being honest, I was a little anxious for my birthday this year. While I have always LOVED celebrating birthdays, including my own, I have felt pressure to make my day perfect. All that unnecessary pressure about what the day looks like and even