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For sweets, treats, and a smile on your face

Who knew I liked candy so much?!  I surely didn’t. I crave salt more than sweets. But apparently that’s only true outside of a paradise called Dylan’s Candy Bar. Dylan is Dylan Lauren, Ralph’s daughter. Yep that Ralph. Designer goods must be genetic. Once inside this Willy Wonka inspired land you are literally a kid in a candy store, no matter your age, food preference, or as it turns out, budget. There are two floors (the top is a café that was closed when I visited, thank God) of the most creative and delicious treats you will ever find. Before I knew it I was throwing goody after goody into my basket and flying high without even eating anything yet. There are Jelly Belly’s and M & M’s sorted by flavor and color respectively.  There is old fashioned candy and candy I could have never conceived of.   There is sugar free and fat free candy. There is candy for every occasion: bridal parties, weddings, birthdays, and even candy to celebrate the birth of a new baby. There

For How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

I have seen this play before. Ok not this particular play or the incarnations that came before it. But I have seen this type of show before. This play should have been called How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying/Bye Bye Birdie/Promises Promises. I suppose it’s because they were all written and take place in similar time periods, the 1960’s give or take. There is the leading man, handsome and trying to accomplish something- here it’s being successful in business. Then there is the pretty secretary who is in love with that man but has to cut her losses at some point before returning to him. Then they are the bright, too bright lights, costumes, and flashing backgrounds. There seem to be a 100 ensemble cast members/dancers and no matter the actual count, its more than any show needs. They are taking away from the story and adding to the total show time. For every scene that is central to the story there are two that are pure unnecessary dancing. I also hate when the beg

For the keys to my New York City Part V

To Do List Before the End of 2011 The more I explore NYC, the more I realize how much more I still have to see and do just like traveling in general for me. For every place I have been, there are 20 more I am dying to see. So to that end, for NYC, I have made myself a to do list. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but these are the things I vowed to myself I would do/try/see by the end of 2011. I hope you follow along with me and as I complete each one I will be sure to post pictures and a review. Plays How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying Death of a Saleman Activities/Exhibits The Bronx Zoo Circleline Cruise (of NYC skyline and 5 boroughs) Wicked Backstage Tour Grant's Tomb The Tenement Museum Teddy Roosevelt House/Sagamore Hill FDR House/Hyde Park Vanderbuilt Mansion The American Museum of Natural History/Brain Exhibit Brooklyn Botanical Gardens NYC Botanical Gardens/Holiday Train Show Restaurants (Meals and Desserts) Serendipity 3 Carnegie Deli Umbertos

For the keys to my New York City Part IV

The Best Thing I Ever Ate I am obsessed with this show!! Here are the places in NYC that I have tried so far: A Salt and Battery- I went for the deep fried candy bar and stayed for the fish and chips. This place is fantastic!! Authentic British cuisine in an unassuming place but the quality cannot be beat. ( T ea and Sympathy - This is next door to A Salt and Battery. I tried the recommended Victoria Sandwich cake and it was such a treat.  It is light and fluffy with layers of jam and cream in the middle. What’s not to like?! ( K ees Chocolates- I went for the Crème Brulee chocolates I saw on the show but they were sold out. Apparently you have to call ahead for that particular candy. I am not kidding. That aside, I recommend the pistachio and almond butter crèmes because they melt in your mouth. For chocolate lovers there is a variety of filings to choose from, from the basics to the exoti

For the keys to my New York City Part III

Where I love to eat in the big apple I get hungry just thinking about these places, let alone looking at their pictures! If I have done my job right you will too!! Bl ue Smoke - Start with the warm barbeque potato chips, try the fried chicken, or steak, macaroni & cheese, creamed spinach, and cornbread. Biscuits are a must!! ( J unior’s Restaurant - The burgers and deli sandwiches are good but if you come here and don’t try the famed cheesecake you should be ashamed of yourself! I’m a regular at the Times Square location. Be sure to check out both of their take out stands on either side of the restaurant for food, cake, and coffee to go. ( T ao Restaurant - I love the tuna tartare, shrimp tempura, kung pao chicken, and you must finish your meal with the sugar dusted doughnuts! ( C armine's - Everything is great here and made to share at this family style Italian restaurant. (

For the keys to my New York City Part II

A few of my favorite places ·       Get and read the New York Times - I always get the major paper of the place I am visiting. It makes for a great understanding of that place and also as a great souvenir. ·       Broadway plays - see previously blog, For the love of the theater and what it means to me. ·       Ellis Island - Sadly only the main building is open to tourists but to walk through the same way our ancestors did and see what they went through will never leave you. I still wish the old mental ward was renovated but that’s just me. ·       Statue of Liberty - You can take the same ferry from Ellis Island to the Statute of Liberty and do both in the same day. Lady Liberty is so much larger up close and wonderful. Be sure to look up for the inscription of 1776 on the book she is holding. I hope you don’t have to ask why because I am tempted not to tell you but, 1776 is the year America won her independence from the British. The ferry ride there and back is also a