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For Hotels: You’re Home Away From Home Part II-Within the United States

The reason I mention chain hotels are because some are really nice, depending on the location, some more than others. My best examples are of Marriott in La Jolla and Los Angeles, California (specifically in Marina Del Ray), and the Holiday Inn in (Georgetown) Washington, D.C. Even in Newport, Rhode Island, the Courtyard Marriott is a keeper. I want to talk about my hotel in Marina Del Ray first. This is because it is one of my five all-time great hotels. When I visited California in 2007 I first went to San Diego and stayed in La Jolla. After a few days my travel companions and I drove to Los Angeles. Being what prices are in Hollywood we stayed at the Marriott in Marina Del Ray. I have to say it always brings me a happy thought thinking of getting ready there and returning each night and not just because I had a great time. At this hotel I was BLOWN AWAY by the glamour. It was regal and the services were that of a four or five star hotel. The colors u