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For the Perfect Combination of Old School Tradition and Classic Food Choices in Modern Times: “P.J. Clarke’s”

Since 1884 P.J. Clarke’s has been a Manhattan staple serving up their signature simple food for their celebrity as well as civilian clientele. I am, as of now, part of the latter working towards being apart of the former. The first time I came upon a P.J. Clarke’s it was by accident. I was heading out towards Lincoln Center and it caught my eye. I was in the need for a place to eat before these kinds of outings that was fairly priced, had great food and many choices to choose from, also without a line out the door. Here the line is moving despite being incredibly crowded. Lucky for us diners the space is huge and operates on two full floors. Once your entire party has arrived there is usually no more than at fifteen-twenty minute wait. Any one of these criteria would be beneficial but to have it all is why it’s getting a dedication from me, here and now. Though that first visit was some years ago my affinity for them h

For Lobster Straight From Maine: “Luke’s Lobster”

The man with the plan here is Luke, no surprise there. What seems like a pretty simple business plan has now transformed the way we eat seafood in the non-New England North East states. Fresh fish be it shrimp, crab, or lobster isn’t something that we are used to. There is no comparison to be nearing the water in great weather having seafood you know it fresh and delicious. In my mind’s eye I am in what I assume is Maine although I have never been. There is a lighthouse in the background and some happy tourists and locals sitting on picnic benches on a bright sunny day eating sweet, fresh lobster on hot buttered rolls. It sounds like part of my future Maine trip is already coming together nicely. The very first time I heard about Luke and his lobster was on a day when I was out eating myself to death throughout the East Village. On that particular day my friends and I were trying Pomme Frites ( http://thequeenof

For the Cream of the Crop: “Ample Hills Creamery”

Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave certain foods once they are placed in front of you? Does the sight of numerous people anticipating entry entice you to join in? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions then boy do I have a place for you! I only recently discovered it myself this year but it is the perfect combination of what I love: food, Brooklyn, history, and current culture. My daily exploration through the New York Times, Time Out NY, and Huffington Post never fails to bring something new to my attention be it a serious world issue or a place that I should grab a bite to eat from. Both are important just in different ways. But when it comes to me I need to know everything!  Oh and by the way, most of the time I do. Since we are in the middle of summer there is no better time to talk about a cool treat we all love in one form or another, and that is ice cream. Ice cream

For Casual Cuban Cuisine in the City: “Sophie’s”

I am a very picky eater. I know that I am usually sharing food photos but if you notice they are mostly in the same category of the food pyramid. My entire basic food intake usually comes in the form of caffeine or carbohydrates. Occasionally there will be a vegetable, dessert, or something new I am trying. This being summer time I am also eating a lot of the fruits that are in season, winter fruit choices in New York City can be so boring. In fact up until I graduated college I wasn’t into trying anything new. Or maybe it just hadn’t occurred to me. I feel like the current “foodie” vibes are apart of our social culture nowadays in ways that it hadn’t ever been before. Its hard to remember a time before Instagram or the Food Network when food was just what you ate not part of defining who you are. For me the biggest changes happened once I started graduate school. The part time job I had then was awful but it led to me meeting one of the